I don't understand how it's even a controversial point that the IRS is a protection racket.

If any other organization that employs agents authorized in the use of deadly force threatened to seize your property and shut down your businesses because you failed to cough up some cash you owe them for dubiously supplying some vague services you didn't ask for and don't use, you would be able to call the police and have them arrested.

When any other organization puts the lion's share of its profits into the division dedicated to procuring more funds, the communists and socialists start crawling out of the woodwork to accuse them of corporate greed, exploitation, and outright theft, but the only people I see pointing any of this crap out when it comes to the government are the capitalists, and why wouldn't they be? Capitalists at least expect to have to EARN their pay.

At least gangsters are SOMEWHAT subtle with their bullshit. With the government every time I try to describe it I think of the vogons from Hitchhiker's Guide saying "Mister President, we are here for your protection" and immediately opening fire on everything that moves.

And if you think that's even remotely an exaggeration, look up Ruby Ridge. Seriously.

@swashberry Excuse me that woman's baby looked suspiciously like a like a sawed off shotgun (that we definitely didn't entrap her husband into making).

@swashberry If you want an anticapitalist take on the IRS, this is a pretty great video:
The IRS exists *because* of capital, which is to say no interest (capital) could be collected by the Federal Reserve from the government if there wasn't an IRS to squeeze that money out of us.

The IRS exists because the government doesn't produce anything. Because they have nothing that people are voluntarily willing to pay for, product or service, they claim a monopoly on certain services and products instead and use that to justify the necessity of taxation.

Capitalism's got nothing to do with it. In fact capitalism is incompatible with such state dominance. It's all about control over the nation's wealth, a classic hallmark of statism in general.

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