FUCK. YES. JFK International still has ARCADE MACHINES!

@swashberry massive airport. Has the most common arcade machine of all time, one licensed IP plastic seat racer, 1 claw machine. This is what passes for an arcade now :blobderpsad: pizzerias used to have more than that, or at least a pinball machine.

TWO claw machines, in fact. And a vending machine for SIM cards! You know, so you can win a squish ball while you activate your burner phone!

@swashberry I’ve seen bowling alleys with better.

Come to think of it bowling alleys are like the last bastion of the traveling arcade. That and the occasional cabinet in the vestibule of an old diner.

You still get the odd collector who has a variety of games in his care, too.

@swashberry They’re doing sacred work but I wouldn’t consider that a traveling arcade, those games are at home in their care.

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