hmm, I'd like to get off of GitHub because it's owned by Microsoft.

but GitLab is hosted on the Google Cloud, which is hardly an improvement...

SDF does git hosting and offers web pages but I lost my password for my shell account and I dunno if I want to bug them about it since I'm not a paying member.


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It doesn't look like Codeberg will allow me to use my domain name for a Pages site, which isn't really a deal-breaker since my website is really just a portfolio anyway.

@swashberry Sourcehut is good, or self-hosting, which isn't as hard as it sounds (I wrote a tutorial thing on it:

@nytpu @tobi
The problem with self-hosting isn't difficulty (I'm very stubborn) so much as cost. I don't live in a very good area for Internet access, so until I get my own place and a new service provider self-hosting's gonna be a problem.

Thanks for the thought, though :-)

@swashberry @nytpu there are many instances run by Masto-admins and/or hackspaces you may use for now. Of course, always keeping local backup tho.

Also a good option. I name-dropped SDF earlier because they offer a public access UNIX system with a ton of available services, including a Mastodon instance.

Only just seen this, so disregard my suggestions about self-hosting if this isn't possible for you.
@nytpu @tobi

@nytpu Thanks so much for an amazing tutorial! Great read!

I'd say use Codeberg ideally, but personally I also use GitLab (I'm still on the fence). As for your site, why not just rent a cheap Linode VPS and self host? I think one of the best things I ever did was learn to develop my own static site and host it myself. Not only is it a great feeling / useful skill - it also means you can host it wherever you want.

Yeah, learning how to work with a basic static site generator is probably one of the better skills I've started exercising this year. Now all I need to do is learn how to not suck at web design :-p

The beauty of doing your own site is it will evolve. You'll keep making improvements, learning new tricks and coming up with new ideas. It's amazing what you can do with some simple HTML and CSS! If you value organisation, tidiness and economy of code, I'd recommend looking into preprocessors like Less and Sass.

I've seen a few people using Sass. For my GitHub Pages site I use Jekyll, which suits me just fine for my purposes since I'm not exactly building a big flashy website with loads of JavaScript or anything.

I have to agree as well, there's something really magical about being able to say "I made this myself," which is why I'm making the effort to do it by hand. The prebuilt options just didn't feel right.

I'm looking at Linode now and some of the prices I'm seeing are definitely tempting, so I'll keep that in mind. Thanks very much.

You're welcome. Feel free to reach out if you want any suggestions etc.

@swashberry I use Codeberg primarily and prefer the UI to GitHub or GitLab (matter of personal preference)

@swashberry There's nothing wrong with GitHub. Just because they're owned by Microsoft doesn't instantly resign them to being evil. They don't profit from users, use only necessary cookies, take up for the rights of users (as shown in the case of youtube-dl), the list goes on.

@swashberry there are several public gitea instances, you might have a look at or
i could also get you an account at

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