Have you read the Constitution of the United States? Please indicate whether or not you are a US citizen, for comparison purposes.

Right, so the majority of respondents were non-citizens, which makes sense since this is the Internet. 53 of you voted, a number which infuriatingly refuses to be divided evenly, but for the record of those 83% were non-citizens, which if my math is right adds up to 43.99 non-citizens respondents.

I *think* I can safely round that up to 44.


For the total number of US citizens I got 17% of respondents, which adds up to 9 total. Of those, an encouraging 5 reported that they had read the US constitution, or about 55.5555 (repeating of course) percent.

This is probably higher than in a random sample of US citizens, since the Fediverse has a pretty high nerd-to-normie ratio and casual browsing of the public timeline suggests that y'all are more actively interested in politics than average, but w/e.


Doing the same math, assuming I haven't screwed anything up since I'm moderately dehydrated and sleep-deprived just atm, roughly 8 of you identified as non-citizens who have read the US constitution and 36 further non-citizens had not read it, which makes sense. This adds up to about 18.0723%, which again is probably higher than in a random sampling but still pretty encouraging.


Obviously all of these numbers need to be taken with a grain of salt since a total of 53 respondents is a pretty small sample size and the overwhelming number who answered no and identified as non-citizens meant that I lost some precision in all of the other metrics (e.g. the total of 5 US citizens who answered "yes" was rounded up from a result of 4.76) but as a little experiment to satisfy my curiosity this was pretty cool, so thanks to those of you who boosted and voted!


@swashberry @BalooUriza just the base Constitution or the base + 27 amendments

Let's say for the sake of simplicity we're only worried about the base. If you've read the amendments then you get bonus points, but they're quite a lot shorter than the base document, so it's a lower bar.


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