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"I'd like to thank everyone. Yes, everyone. I've never encountered a person who didn't inspire me, either to laughter with their gullible stupidity, or to joy with their intelligence and determination."
-- Mike "Doctor Randomercam" Stephenson.

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@swashberry I think that fighting misinformation is a war that cannot be won. The wide range of half-truths and half-lies as well as genuine misunderstandings make it an unwinable adversarial game.

I don't think a vote/majority based system for pruning misinformation is any good.

I think the only way to fight misinformation is to educate people, maybe add 2 more years to the mandatory schooling time.

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One more update! @smpl alerted me to a torrent of youtube-dl with all branches and full commit history.

This seems to have been sourced from:

I've mirrored that repository here:

Here's the torrent:

Here's the original Tor Hidden Service that contained the torrent (also has a download for the 7z itself): 3ednr4mi7zo5fpdghabu74furrr6ir

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If anyone wants to make a backup copy of youtube-dl here is an, probably up to date, mirror:

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Dear Free Software and Privacy-loving individual,

If you care the slightest bit about freedom of speech, please take 10 seconds of your time to run the following command into your terminal:

git clone

That's it. You're saving a very important piece of internet history that may be necessary later.

Thank you for your attention. Your effort makes the internet a better place.

#censorship #youtubedl

I've just learned that James "The Amazing" Randi has passed away at the age of 92.

Not a bad run, I've got to say. It's a shame to have lost such a great intelligence, but I think we can all agree he lived a full life and his legacy not just in his various organizations and foundations but also in the skeptic movement will continue to do good for a long time to come.

Apparently is now one of those companies that has decided they have the authority to arbitrate on what is or is not misinformation and are starting to ban servers from their platform because of it.

If there wasn't a better argument for I don't know what it is. My friends in the movement are most likely going to get hit by this. A few of the techier guys are trying to convince them to migrate to now; we'll see how that goes.

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> Google Meddling With URLs In Emails, Causing Security Concerns

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I hate to ask, but here goes.

I'm looking for a role as a #frontend #developer. #Contracts or #fulltime. Preferably #UK where I have previous #remote work ex from.

I've been looking a while and nothing with the right fit has come along. Work life balance is super important. If UK, happy to work completely in your timezone!

My site is and I'm happy to email you my CV/resume. Will start immediately once we're on the same page. 💯

#Boost please?


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If any of you are making masks, I'd like to purchase one that says "Cover your fucking nose."

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People are talking about Android 11.

Here I am using Android 5.1.1.

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Someone "popular" on the security community on Twitter said to never host your own mail server...

Actually, do the opposite.

-Host your own mail server

-Host your own matrix homeserver

-Host your own mastodon instance

-Host your own DNS server if you can

Just do it securely and follow the good practices

Fight back on the centralization of the web.

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Microblogging was a mistake. An attractive, candy-colored, addictive mistake. 

Microblogging was a mistake.

An attractive, candy-colored, addictive mistake.

I will never actually implement it but sometimes I look at what the popularity of Twitter has done to the shapes of our conversations and I want to mandate a *minimum* post length here.

Mastodon's default limit of 500 is a start but not really enough. Every instance that raises the limit into the thousands of characters or beyond is doing a great thing by providing a way to wean people off of short, staccato exchanges and give them the opportunity for thought and nuance in a text box they have been trained to dump thoughts into. It looks short at first but it just keeps on growing and growing as your thought takes shape, and you can actually go back and *edit* the fucking thing.

But really I still miss when goddamn Livejournal was where all my online social shit happened. People could still be dicks on it, don't get me wrong! it wasn't set up to encourage and enforce hot takes, though; it wasn't built to make a ton of money by farming your outrage and stress and turning it into ad views!

(Which is really a problem with ALL modern social sites, everyone wants to become the next Zuckerfuck and there is no way to do that without strip-mining your users' attention. But I've sung that song more than once and don't care to sing it again today; I've got shit to do.)

(This post brought to you by watching a disagreement actually get *resolved* thanks to the power of replies that are long enough to have some fucking nuance, instead of blowing up into a multi-day shitstorm of too-short replies going back and forth.)

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Goggle is trying to ban fediverse apps from its app store.

"Google is now deciding which browsers encourage hate speech and which ones don’t."

Dammit, stop telling me to get involved in politics. Your job is to be a gamer-friendly chat program with an inexplicably adorkable and easter-egg-laden user interface.

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I'd like to ask you people to boost this post to see how long it'd take for it to reach someone else from my town (Westervoort, The Netherlands).
Of course, that implies that I'm not the only one here that uses Mastodon, but hey, part of the challenge :)

Starting on the 18th of August 2020 :)


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Helped user log in to... No... Helped user login to... No... Helped user log into.... No... Helped user loginto... No... Crap. Helped user log-in to... Damn that's still not right.

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:blank: :balloonline_s: :blank: ALWAYS HAVE BEEN
:blank: :balloonline_s: :blank: :balloonline_s:
:beret_r: :balloonline_sw: :blank: :balloonline_se: :blackhat_l:
:body_phone_e: :blank: :blank: :blank: :body_s_w:
:legs_stand_e: :blank: :blank: :blank: :legs_stand_w:
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I got a badge on my profile for contributing source code to their Arctic Code Vault.

I'm assuming some version of SwashRL was archived. I couldn't find a way to browse what code repositories are actually being stored or what version of the source code has been recorded, and I'm pretty small fish compared to most of the other people who got archived, so I don't know for sure. Still, it's pretty cool to know that five years of off-and-on work will be preserved, even if it's unfinished.

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