@sotolf Darn thing is, as bad as it is, I don’t think anyone’s going to have a good time if it outright fails instead of transitioning to something better.

@aral Well yeah, it was mostly tongue in cheek ;) It's also very ambigous as to which system is meant, so that people can interpret it as they please ;)

@sotolf @aral The Chinese version is more precise. It's the "Foreingers Work Permit System" but I believe the English version is way more accurate.


Yeah, I was quite sure the Chinese one was not quite with the same meaning as the English translation, it just is quite funny, I remember there was a lot of Engrish around when I was in Japan as well.


@sotolf @aral I remember seeing a sign in a Chinese restaurant in US, labeled claim chowder as "foreigner soup" 😆

@ejsu28 @aral that is one of the best things I've heard in a long time :D thank you for the smile :)

Why wait if you can provoke failure and replace it with something better afterwards?

@sotolf if i had 100 NTD for every typo or weird menu i've seen here, i would not need a job.

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