Damn!! The Fairphone 4 is expensive.
I would love to support the company (and get a repairable phone) but I can't justify spending 650€, especially since I can get almost the same specs for 200€ less.
Guess I will stick to my 5 year old Xiaomi for now

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Heute ist #Weltkindertag. Schlage vor, alle, die Kind sind oder mal waren, machen heute frei und gehen jetzt spielen

…und schaukeln. 🤗

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Kind of want to teach a class in downscaling a web site. 99% of web sites don't need 99% of today's common infrastructure. (And 100% of things that are Facebook pages should be their own web sites.)

Oh fudge it!!

I'll just nuke the VPS. I wanted to try Ansible anyway.

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copied wrong command :D

Assume this is a -A to add the rule

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Shouldn't the following command block all incoming traffic from the relevant IP address?
Why am I still getting requests coming in?

iptables -D INPUT --jump DROP --protocol all --source x.x.x.x

Had no power for ~22 hours and today I was greeted with 96 package updates on Mint

WTF!! 😮

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#Gadgetbridge 0.69.0 is on #fdroid 🎉 . Many thanks to our tireless contributors for their continuous involvement and work ❤️!

This release is bringing initial support for Mi Band 7, for devices that use Binary Sensor Service and for Fossil/Skagen Hybrid HR 38mm watches ⌚ .

If you are interested to know your step 👣 goal 🏅 achievements, the new Steps Streak screen gives you a chance to see it and boast about it 🏆 on :mastodon: .

There is more... read the blog post blog.freeyourgadget.org/releas

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Support for the Fossil Hybrid HR is really good in @gadgetbridge , including and awesome watch-face designer. Thanks to the very dedicated team for all the work! Gadgetbridge has pretty much feature-parity with the original app including workouts (done by integration with #OpenTracks ) and even few more extra things, like custom Android Intents or button configuration. You can check out the very nice wiki page [1], describing the support.

[1] codeberg.org/Freeyourgadget/Ga

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SepiaSearch makes your #PeerTube search easy 🔍 : search for videos, channels and playlists on more than 1000 PeerTube websites listed by SepiaSearch.
👉 sepiasearch.org/ #FreeTheAudience

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After almost two months of work since the last version we have finally released one of the biggest releases of #Gadgetbridge of all time!
Multiple connected devices at the same time...🚀 Mi Band 5 GPS workout support...🏃‍♂️ Fossil app manager improvements and workout support...⌚, Support for device folders...📂 , Bangle webview app loader...🌐 and there is much more, the changelog is huge... read the blog post and the full list of changes here: blog.freeyourgadget.org/releas

Many thanks to all supporters!

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#FOSS hotel cat employee that does the honorable duty of mousekeeping

After almost 20 years of either putting it off or not having the time or money...


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Eine Freundin mit Sohn sucht dringend eine 1,5-2 Raumwohnung in 01099 #dresden!
Bis 600 warm.
Oder eine MitbewohnerIn für ihre WG in der Helgolandstraße.
Wenn ihr was wisst oder hört. Meldet euch gern

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Take care people. If you feel sick and feverish, wet your hair and clothes and look for cold places to go.

Also hydrate, hydrate a lot

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This and also (idk who needs to hear this, but) being able to do something well isn’t the only point of doing it

What can I do with old IT books?
I have a few from the 1990s to 2000s and need to clear some space. Stuff like, learning Delphi or Ventura or Visual Basic (pre .Net)
I feel bad just recycling them, but the software they refer to is long gone.

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🎉 Big news: Tor Browser 11.5 is here! In this release, we're bringing you automatic censorship detection and circumvention, redesigned Tor Network settings, Firefox's HTTPS-Only Mode enabled by default, and improved font support.

Take a look at what's new in Tor Browser 11.5:

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