Reposting @dheadshot entry from the Fedivision Song Contest.

In my mind it's the official fediverse themesong.

Licensed: CC-BY

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I would love to see one of those "taking the expert out of retirement" movie plot movies realistically for computer people.

"I told you I'm done with that shit. I gave that up long ago."
"We need to bring you back in Dirk, the country needs you."
"Find somebody else."
"Nobody else can parse JSON and build scrolling grids of images like you. You're the best fuckin' upsell UI man in the business."

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I have an audio file named after someone I used to play video games with a decade ago.

The entire thing is just windows error sounds put together in a musical way.

I have this weird feeling all of a sudden.. it resembles some sort of semi-appreciation of fortnite players. Their gaming addiction and weird dances made a positive dent for Apple consumers.

So once and only once.

I just saw that they're making a movie about how it feels to be one of us dumbphone users.

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"The clue for 7 down is celestial body and he wrote Uma Thurman"
- Sam Carter, SG-1

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BSides København 2021 have just released the conference schedule for this years event 17-18 September at
The conference will be a combination of a virtual event with live speakers, live interviews, live demos, CTFs, and a a physical afterparty in Copenhagen on Saturday evening.

I forgot to turn on the outlet switch and thought I was on AC, so my laptop abruptly died when it ran out of power.

I've now replaced my routine of doing manual cat /sys/class/power_supply/... when (I know I'm) on battery with a visual icon in Fluxbox.

cbatticon seemed like a nice and simple tool for the job. Next time I'll hopefully notice if I forget to turn on the power.

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12yr old: "Dad, I'm going to write my own operating system FROM SCRATCH!"

Me: "Wow! Just so you know, it usually takes teams several years to do."

Kid: "OK! You can help me. It'll take a year. Also I need a website." [[I proceed to show him how to register a domain, and he does.]]


Advanced guide to UTF8



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Advanded guide to UTF8



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Q: How to start a space colonization mission in a Unix shell?

A: sed -i 's/ /:/g'

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