New to this platform. Looking to make friends and connections in the linux community! :archlinux:

@sir_archNewb welcome 🙋🏻‍♀️ I‘m also pretty new. I like the experience so far ^^

@sir_archNewb I like the decentralized concept and moderated communitys/servers. I like a true chronological timeline.
I feel more comfprtable interacting with other users here.

@DaCh13f it appears ppl are more open to interact here. Its new and refreshing

@sir_archNewb Welcome to the fediverse! And yes, Mastodon has lots of cool Linux stuff if you go to the right places. :D

@detondev can i add myself to other communities without creating multiple accounts?

@sir_archNewb It's more like twitter in that regard, where you follow users that post things you want on your Home feed.

@sir_archNewb I discovered Mastodon awhile ago but never signed up until now. This group piqued my interest as it pretty much describes me and want to be around like-minded people What brings you here?

@StampedingLonghorn I was listening to spotlightlinux and kept hearing several interviewees refer to "Mastodon" so I thought I'd give it a go. This group piqued my interest as well and thought I could meet some like-minded ppl as well.

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