Not gonno lie. I don't know how this social network works :stallman_thaenkin:

@Niebylev @shadowtreecar

Ask away!

This social network has lots of happy users who are willing to offer help.

#Fedihelp is one good hashtag to use, too.

@shadowtreecar @selea @Niebylev

I would guess a search for "mastodon guide" would link you to more.


Good to hear you got assistance right on. Out of curiosity, are you a twitter refugee also? Seen lots of 'em lately on the timeline! 😀

@Linux actıally I'm curious about decentralized networks. Twitter is just a RSS Feed for me.I'm using it for news.

Oh, me too.

I use #Atom feed to retrieve posts from #Twitter as well #Twidere to browse it.

Which service you use for #rss feed


@noorul I'm not using third pary tools. I'm using twitter with web browser. It is useful for tech news and stuff.

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