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ISP guy came around to replace some shit.
Guy was completely bamboozled when he saw my router :^)
"Where is the router? I only see a switch?"
"That is the router"

Guy expected some janky ass "gaming" garbage router, not a nice MikroTik thing :^)

Everytime I configure a switch - it feels that I have no fucking idea about what I am doing.
However, I always succeed getting what I want in the first try.

I published an article on different package managers in and Windows (yes, Windows keeps adding more needed Linux features!).

Which manager do you prefer?

Random shout out for @brainblasted who has done amazing work right across @gnome 40 adapting apps to new patterns and fixing longstanding UX bugs

This will be an amazing release and a lot of that is thanks to Chris


I’m just loving @write_as. It’s beautifully minimalistic and sleek. Perfect for focusing on writing without all the cruft of Wordpress πŸ‘Œ

Instance admin just lost their job, might need help is one of the largest and nicest instances on the Fediverse, run by an enthusiastic admin called @stux

Unfortunately Stux has today found out that they are fired from their day job 😞

However, by happy coincidence, Stux had just set up a hosting company. If you need web hosting, domain names etc please consider using Stuxhost so that Stux can continue working:

If you want to help a really cool project, test the upcoming Version 6 of #xscreensaver.

Compared to nearly all other screen lockers, xscreensaver hasn't suffered from (trivial) lock bypass flaws. Its author, jwz, puts a lot of effort into secure design. Check his blog for some detailed blog articles on the topic.

#openbsd #freebsd #netbsd #linux #dragonflybsd #foss

Today feel like a soup day. Maybe I'll make soup πŸ€”πŸ™‚

Had a great time with @selea talking about Linux, work, tech, life and much more!

i've got to stop finding things out from tumblr

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metallica getting their twitch performance muted to avoid the copyright laws they helped introduce is just :blobcatjustright:

~β™‘Hello Worldβ™‘~

My name is Berry! It's very nice to meet you all! I'm here to learn Linux and Python so that I can better prepare for my dream career in Linux SysAdmin and Infrastructure! Here's to hoping we can be good friends! I'm also saving up for the equipment for a FireWire RAID server, and a Pocket C.H.I.P.! (And possibly to get an iMac G3 to a repair shop, I don't know what's going on with it but it refuses to boot.)

fedi's answer to Reddit seems to be going well. Federation appears to be working nicely.

#fediverse #ActivityPub #Lemmy #Reddit

Instance searching, for other (boosts appreciated) 

My Significant Other is looking into Mastodon and is unsure of an instance to join. They have interest in creative expression such as art, music, diy and similar creative things, though they have limited interest in tech based things so tech focused is less of an importance to them. They also have a deep interest in movies and would enjoy a place to discuss them. Feel free to talk to me if that sounds good or boost if you think it will help! :)

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