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I love companies that offer free beer time employees
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@kaniini @selea @jalcine
And free software freedom 0 says that they can use the software for whatever they want, and the developers can't be blamed for it.

This drama is like the developers are responsible for what the users do with the software.
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> your website is ugly therefor you are a nazi

okay, this is epic
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@nolan @baldur Ugh. What a mess. I was doing web dev during the mid 2000's when we were finally starting to break the IE6-only hold, and it feels like all that work is being undone now. :(

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And this is the death of EdgeHTML and ChakraCore...
So there is still Gecko and Webkit that still stand as alternatives and that is clearly not good...

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Starting to suspect that the resentment many web devs seem to have towards non-Chrome browsers stems from a reliance on libraries and frameworks that are only tested in Chrome, maybe Safari if they're lucky. So in their mind that translates to firefox = broken and edge = broken.

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How to update FreeNAS:
> Hit update
> go to bed
> wake up and go to work
> come home and update is still running.
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Stupid postal service has lost my Super Smash Bros

Trying to get it work with a LitePub relay that some rabbit wrote, but it does not work - yet

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My white beard is exactly why I *don't* wear an xmas bonnet.


I should buy a santa-hat, it would suit my beard (but it is not white yet)

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< Cold hands, no gloves. >
\ ^__^
\ (oo)\_______
(__)\ )\/\
||----w |
|| ||

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Your lucky number is 3552664958674928. Watch for it everywhere.

I am sad when people are throwing away perfectly healthy plants.

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