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We chose because we think our project fits very well this community of free software users.

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@selea I've always loved how companies block smaller email domains like Tutanota and others for "spam", yet Gmail has more spam than all of them combined, and rarely puts any actual effort other than automation to solving it.

First day in years that I have not done anything work-related. Feels wierd, and also very - VERY relaxing

Hello everyone. I’m new here and just wanted to say hello. 😊

Hi, new mastodon user here. Is it better than reddit here?

@JohanEmpa @selea @redstarfish

💬 👀
💬 👀
💬 🙈
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💬 👀

New to Mastodon, so trying out clients for Android. I picked Husky for now, but apparently people have different opinions about it? Will be trying out different clients for now...

Election times in Sweden - and many are so fucking aggressive and annoying.

I dont like it. Cant we all just be nice to each other instead of throwing crap?

Are you physically handicapped (e.g. visually impaired) and do you use the accessibility features of Mastodon?

I am really curious how many people actually read it, if I write a description of media? Does it have an impact? Am I doing something good or is it just a waste of time?

Would be nice to have a conversation with handicapped people.

Boiling potats

Well... I found why my computer has been running slow for the last few months

some jackass: yeah no I trust larger corporations to handle my personal stuff like DMs because they have accountability and processes

Facebook: it is literally impossible for us to tell the court a comprehensive list of what information we have about you, because we don't document shit

TIL: When you write plain-text #email⁠s with URL “footnotes” in square brackets, #Roundcube will automatically link the numbers in the brackets when displaying the message, so that you don’t have to scroll down to the footnote block. #nice

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