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Have you ever bought a book about ?


Automation -> More time to figure out why the Cloud/DevOps/Automation don't work.


Three days after I took some cuttings, it is already full of new growth.
Thought it would take atleast a week,


I have been dealing with the same java script problem since early morning. Solved it just now before lunch. Good feeling, now it will be a good lunch 👍

@selea @sitharus @lightweight yeah, you fired all your operators and systems engineers, or, if you're a startup you never had them to begin with, and now you're paying Amazon/Microsoft/Google thru the nose for that.

It's like in the mainframe age!
(though i think Kubernetes is probably a better analogy, technically, to the mainframe, and i think the only company that really sells you proper support is Microsoft)

The shift to "cloud/devops/automation" is kinda a good thing, but I feel it has created an abstraction layer on the basic OSI Model. Things that I have observed during the last years:

Cloud - basically you are in the hands of the cloud provider, no real control. More frequent downtime.

Devops - You are in the hands of the tools that you are working with, but not really understanding whats underneath of how thing are "working toghether".

Automation - More time for fun stuff

Hello, first time using mastodon, how do I view my people in my instance and their posts?

How/where do you report sites for blatant violations of the cookie laws?

I wonder if I should take some cuttings tonight, and propagate my monsteras

Me slowly watching as all the instances i use collapse


Someone is speaking well of you.

How unusual!

Money is the root of all evil, and man needs roots.

If I block an email domain - what happends to all the users that is currently using that email-service then?

I'm actually new on this site. actually wanna know more lmao 🤣 and make more friends

Well, he told me that he wants Linux too - so I'll teach him about dual-boot atleast :)

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One thing that's sad - is that I can't force my oldest kid to only run Linux on his machines anymore...
Sadly, is to hard to get running on Linux...

How can companies like "Sparkpost" completely break when a recipient employ greylisting?

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