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I’m just going to say this once.

Everyone I’ve ever met from I have been able to enjoy a conversation with.

Might be one of the best kept secrets on fedi imho.

But, regardless of where you hail I am sure you are all great people. :bunhdheart:

The hardest part with getting new email server is the naming scheme

I'm looking for a substitute for cloudflare. Any advice?

Lots of people are looking for secure chat platforms and stuff like that. So I thought I'd create a poster.

I excluded Telegram because it's pretty much like WhatsApp. And this

I would've included Signal, but I'm being skeptical here and Signal looks a bit suspicious since it requires your phone number etc.

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you play games on your Linux computer?

Because the Fediverse uses chronological timelines, and because it has a worldwide audience, it is totally fine to boost your own post later so it can reach people in different time zones.

There's no algorithm deciding what people see in their main Fediverse timeline, so they just see whatever happens to be there when they are online.

#FediTips #Fediverse

Loopia email: Refusing to support DKIM
Fastmail: Refusing to support "-" in usernames/addresses
Migadu: No DAV

I think I have to self-host my email...

What do you run as a daily browser?

I use :ablobhyperwubbel:

(Specify which one, if it's not in the list lol)

Rules of Fedi: if your post sounds serious, it *will* be taken seriously, not matter the content.

Do you think that exposing directly to internet many services used for storing personal data like files, notes, etc.. might be dangerous? Or rather what is the level of risk, because there always is. I do all the typical stuff to protect it, like having updated version, using 2FA, proper https, passwords....

As a fun fact for those who have no experience with that I can tell that for example a SSH server on default port with public IP is tried by bots average 1 time every minute.

Happy 4th birthday to :ablobdj: :blobcatrainbow: :blobrainbow: :blobrainbow: :blobcatrainbow: :blobrainbow: 🍕🍕 :linux: :linuxpizza1:

Thanks for everything @selea

Loopia erbjuder inte ens dkim signering...
Jävlar vad dåliga dom är.

I installed hookshot today. It is connecting to the homeserver and receiving messages fine but no matter what I type in the chat it responds with "Command not understood." even !hookshot help. Can someone help me out please.

Boosts and advice much appreciated!

I use PopOS on my laptop but have had a lot of problems of various kinds and am not completely satisfied so now I will get another distribution. Do you have any suggestions for distros that you are happy with? 😊

#linux #distros #askfedi #askfediverse

> When the customers says that they are going to start looking for another hosting provider just because I am leaving

Hey everybody, I'm in the process of starting the data collection part of my thesis on Why people are Joining Mastodon. I'm looking for people who would be interested in participating in an interview to share their experiences about their time on the platform. If you want to
participate or have any advice (which I really appreciate) please dm me. Thank you all very much!

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