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I'm happy to announce that all talks from #fossnorth 2021 are available at, a #peertube instance. You find the playlist here:

You can also find the video links, abstracts and additional material here:

#conference #videos #talks

I feel incredibly blessed that Pixelfed has grown so much over the past year.

Total users, posts and active users have doubled, and our project is among the top 5 most popular.

Though we haven’t had our viral moment like Mastodon or PeerTube, I’m confident that when we do, we’ll be ready.

I look forward to the next 3 years and beyond! 😁 #pixelfed #activityPub #Fediverse

The new version of KDE's @matrix chat app, Neochat is out! NeoChat 1.2 comes with bubbles, a better text input component, fancy effects, an easier way to switch between accounts and much more. Go check it out!

β€œA rogue killer drone β€˜hunted down’ a human target without being instructed to, UN report says”

Just because there wasn’t an operator, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t instructed to kill. It was programmed to do just that:

β€œThe drone, which can be directed to detonate on impact, was operating in a β€˜highly effective’ autonomous mode”

So I don’t see how this smart mine (which is what it is) was β€œrogue.” Sounds like it was operating as designed (and that’s the real problem).

@FediFollows @mastohost Hugo hosts Laura’s and my instance. Lovely chap. And smooth sailing. Can wholeheartedly second this recommendation. makes hosting your own Mastodon instance really easy: they do the installation, maintenance and upgrades, you do the non-technical stuff. You can follow them at:

➑️ @mastohost

More info on their website at

#Mastodon #Fediverse #Fedi #SelfHosting #Hosting #ManagedHosting #Federation #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Instances

MastoPurge 1.2.0 is here! πŸŽ‰

After a long time I finally reserved some time for PR merging and testing and managed to create release 1.2.0 :-)

... with the following new features:
* Pinned posts are not deleted
* Non-interactive mode available for automation
* Dry-run mode available

#mastodon #mastopurge

What software do you guys use for street maps that doesn't rely on addtech


And I'll complete 2 years of using this instance in couple of months. :D

Brev development now has a mailing list.

I just realized that this instance is turning three years old in a couple of weeks

okay, so now im going to do it. a couple of days ago i installed pleroma and going to start using my selfhosted instance instead of this one.

if anyone still interested to still follow me i'll be at

thanks @selea for providing this awesome space, but its time to move on to a selfhosted instance! :)


Share in this thread 1 #music track you produced yourself.

Advice: you'll get more #listeners if they know what to expect, so I'd love to read about genre, context, idea behind the production etc.
Please specify the licence if it's "free/open", I'd love to share it.

You're not a #musician? Boosting is caring. Musicians need listeners.

And now let's hear some music!

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