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@selea Those pesky single-source distributed denial of service attacks, eh?

@selea It's also python, so ... if I really hate something, I can go fix it (:

Finally found a client that does not stop working after 5-10 starts on the Pinebook Pro (Debian)

@abloo @etienne @selea Why not simply use @matrix ? It has E2EE, doesn’t require cell phone and has all the other features.

Thanks for the tip! Do I need a phone number to use a XMPP client then? What do you mean by all the other features?

I just don't know enough about Matrix vs an XMPP server to have an opinion. What about memory usage? I just need to spend some time researching πŸ™‚

@abloo @matrix @selea

Thanks for these links, very informative πŸ‘
Ouch, I didn't know about all this drama. That's pretty sad.

Since I've been ramping up on self-hosting, these links you provided encourage me to look at providing XMPP or Matrix. I'll have to do my own research on this topic.


After a 12 year infatuation with Linux, I think I am ready to move on.
Plan9 seems the obvious choice.

Talking about DNS, I happen to have a little article published about systemd-resolved and DNSoverTLS:

If you are bored and search something fun to do, maybe try it out :)

#systemd #linux #dns #dot #DNSoverTLS

What Family of Linux do you run?

Why is Ubuntu considered by some (self-considered)gurus a non-true-linux? I've found many comments on reddit threads following this philosophy.

First, it was Gentoo the distro that you should use for being considered a linux-guru. Then Slackware. Now, Arch Linux (no Manjaro, please!).

You can choose your distro, you can disable and enable services, you can choose the desktop according your preferences, you can change your WM... Am I missing something?

I am new to this instance and Mastodon in general. Who are these default followers? Are they presetted of the instance's operator?

Got a report regarding one user today, the user was new and has never been reported before.

Apparently the admin of that instance silenced this one and wanted me to reach out when "I have dealt with the user" which I now have.

But I dont give a shit to reach out to that admin to get us "unsilenced" on that instance. We dont need admins and instances that silences and blocks after the first report lol.

Excellent opportunity to redo my homelab. I should get some new SSD's

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