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Colleague: "Do you know how to convert a physical linux system to a virtual machine? Is there migration software that can do it"

Me: dd if=/dev/sda of=/mnt/smb-share/disk.img and boots it

Colleageu: "What do you mean you can just copy the whole hard drive"

everything's a file bruh

Keyoxide v1.0.0 released and is now using #agpl 3.0 πŸŽ‰

No, no, not that kind of "1.0" release πŸ˜… Simply a breaking change that triggers a MAJOR release: the change of a license


Thank you @t0k for your help!

#semver #pgp #encryption #decentralized #identity

Shouldn't there be other mirrors for Wikipedia other than

#mastodon #linux #debian #client is there any native linux client for mastodon to avoid using the browser on debian?

looking for Arab & Arabic-speeking fedi users. please boost :crossed_fingers_hmn: :disappointed:

Just found @godotengine browsing the top packages. I have no game dev experience but it looks cool and I kinda want to try πŸ‘€

I should host a watch-party for the election

The folks at @PINE64 are looking for input and recommendations for both the planned keyboard case for the #pinephone as well as a potential game controller attachment - more info here:

I can pick up a stone and throw it randomly somewhere. The house it lands, if it has a computer, it's using unauthorised copy of .

M$ deliberately don't crack on people(at least here) who are using those unauthoried copies, just to get them addicted.

I hate this company.

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Summary: Another β€˜own goal’ for the world’s worst β€˜tech’ site, which spreads fear based on misunderstandings and misinformation (anything for clicks and to help push their sponsor, )

Media: copyright 2020 | CC BY-SA

@hund I have been visiting #distrowatch since I first learned of it back in 2005 and was running #windows along with my first distro, #suse9. Today, I am a much more experienced #linux user and it is one of my favorite sites to visit.

What happens when you turn your default WordPress into an #ActivityPub enabled instance?
Your WP author gets an identity on the #Fediverse @okcinfor the number of published articles become posts/toots you already published even if not listed on the identity time-line.
Future WP posts will be appear publicly as toots
You can follow, interact with content, not sure yet how to reply to interactions with the fediverse from WP side..

Todo: pimp the user profile, add avatar, description etc..

If you want to benchmark a Jitsi server, you can join me. It is up and running right now.
@wizzwizz4 @jordan31 @Twelve

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Trying to install CentOS on a donated Gateway dx4885 and it just won't boot. Does anyone have experience with installing Linux on Gateway desktops?

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