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@js And then you pay them and they abandon the project anyway. Or better yet, do this: and explain it by "you didn't pay me enough"

"'Use Firefox' is actually an effective means of protest," now that Google is forcing employees to use a Chrome extension for union-busting surveillance

Has anyone tried using Mastodon OAuth2 to authenticate against a gitea server?

Why don't people report when they happen? Why do I have to find out hours later? Is it too much to ask?

My understanding of IPv4 exhaustion timeline:

2011: we are out of IPs.
2012: we are really out of IPs.
2014: we are really really out of IPs.
2015: we are really really really out of IPs.
2017: we are really really really really out of IPs.
2018: we are really really really really really out of IPs.
2019: we are really really really really really really out of IPs.

Are keyboard lights important for you? What do you prefer? RGB backlighted keys and/or underglow? Or none?

Please tell me! I'm doing some research for a future project.

I noticed when analysing the webstats for my blog that I was getting a lot of hits from the Fediverse. However, that was only apparent because hits from some of the biggest instances (e.g. stood out. Thousands of hits from the smaller instances are effectively invisible, because they are scattered over hundreds of different domains.

A top level .fedi domain could solve that problem.

#ShowerThoughts #Fediverse #Mastodon

We all love free(as in freedom) software, and love to give something back to the community. Here are some easy ways to help the community other than helping them with money which everyone can't afford.

eeh, despite ulimit being 65535 - the nextcloud client still wont work because "Too many open files" wtf

Wanted to install NetBSD 8.1 on the Workpad, but ran out of time before actually getting through the installer.

I think the last NetBSD release that didn't have catastrophic issues on that platform was something like 5.x...

Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people...

To everyone who still makes text-based tutorials, thank you!

I'd much rather follow a text tutorial than wait 15+ minutes for a video tutorial to load.

Your work is very much underappreciated. Thanks again! 馃挏

I've been trying to think of ways that privacy-centric technology can be made more accessible to non-techies. It seems to me that there's a business opportunity for someone to come to your house and install:

- a Pi-Hole with ad blocking and secure DNS
- a Nextcloud server
- a Mastodon instance
- etc.

Think of it like the technician who comes to your house to install cable, except instead of "the cable guy" it's "the privacy guy" (or gal).

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One of the reasons why the FOSS world is often split when it comes to political topics:
FOSS attracts mainly two quite different crowds: The user freedom aspect (plus lack of state control) attracts many staunch libertarians, whereas the aspect of cooperating "for the greater good" (plus lack of commercial control) mostly attracts progressives.

It's actually quite surprising that those two groups, who usually hate each other with passion, can cooperate on the same thing.

Business Insider: Sarah Lacy, the founder of Pando, is selling the blog, quitting journalism, and ditching Silicon Valley after 20 years because she is tired of being sexually harassed and threatened.

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I have removed about alot of users that has not logged in since beginning of april.

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