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Does anyone know a good provider that can offer Anycast enabled servers?
(Like NetActuate or BuyVM - but more pops)

If you are ever considering starting a non-profit on the Mastodon platform, DONT, here is why.

About a month ago I received a little less than a 10K donation to fund the QOTO effort (A space of distributed and federated services for open-source projects and project owners). The mastodon component is intended to be the social media aspect of that to replace the need for facebook or twitter accounts as a home for future software projects.

I reached out to the joinmastodon, the organization behind the Mastodon project, because I wanted to forward some of those donations to the mastodon coding efforts, as well as potentially offer additional donations to fund specific features on the mastodon to-do list, however after more than month of trying to reach the organization through e-mail as well as contacting @Gargron directly there has been nothing but complete silence.

This in turn has myself, as well as the donors, seriously dismayed about the future of the project. Unresponsiveness, particularly in the face of contribution or donations to a project, has myself and others worrying mastodon is a dead or dying software. At the very least it means bug fixes and other contributions never make it since contacting the team is a near impossibility.

I am now in the position of reaching out to the developers of competing ActivityPub software and seeing if we can use the donations to pay them to write a complete fork of mastodon, with my own contributions as well added on top.

What a mess, its such a shame that a project with so much potential is going to die because of rampant mismanagement. The in ability to even respond to basic email.

I hope I'm wrong but after a month of all communication channels being dead its time to reevaluate where to go from here... But it is clear mastodon is NOT a technology I recommend others adopt as part of any new project.

#fediverse #ActivityPub #Mastodon

I'll stop posting these eventually but for now it still feels like progress/accomplishment.

Smoke Free: 10d 15h 19m 40s
Cigarettes Not Smoked: 191.5
Life Regained: 1d 11h 6m 27s
Money Saved: $Β 111.07

Quit Tracker

@opensuse needs your input about We are looking at redoing the store and would like to know your thoughts. Take this short survey to help us determine a directions -

@selea I think that chill instance with some tech stuff is what I need. Thanks for having me 😊

Hi, I'm new around here. It's my 5th account on Mastodon, I couldn't find a place for me here, but I'm pretty fed up with Twitter harvesting my data. Hope will get along.

Increased knowledge will help you now. Have mate's phone bugged.

"The Librem 5 is unlike anything else on the market. Not only is it one of the only smartphones on Earth that doesn't ship with Android, a fork of Android, or iOSβ€”Purism's commitment to 100% open software, with no binary blobs..." #linux #opensource #librem5 #smartphone #pureos #gnome

my goal for tonight: trying to find something in my kitchen that I can turn into dinner. Loving that broke college student Life.

Borrowed my wife's minecraft account so I could meet up with my other account - approx 5 million blocks from spawn.

Anarchy servers is great

Anyone here that knows and also likes it?
@matlabjobs recently launched their platform at - check it out!

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