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I am having trouble with from between a /24 network and a /16 network.

I am kinda lost, I wonder if it even possible to use IPSEC between a C and B network.

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increasingly beginning to think that federation is the worst of all worlds when it comes to risk exposure for stuff like drive-by child porn uploads

"Hey, let's patch environment X, it will only take a minute"

"Why did this take 8 hours?"

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After Amazon, Google & Apple, we learned today that #Microsoft contractors also listen to private conversations without informing users.

Still using Skype? You might want to reconsider..

#Infosec #AI #MachineLearning

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Kudos to the unkown soul that donates 0.3 EUR every week.

That is encouraging to be honest :blobaww:

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@switchingsocial It isn't entirely free software either. LineageOS is more free (libre) than that I believe.

I am looking into moving my server to another host or just moving the repos to a good gitea instance.
Does anyone know a provider that supports DroneCI?

:parabola: selea :trisquel: boosted has another spam problem atm, but you can't report those accounts, because they don't post anything. They just follow other accounts. And use their bio to spread their message.

It makes me realize we can only report toots, not accounts. That's a problem, no?

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Okay Linux Devs, what programming languages should be learned first? What languages should I learn after that?

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tips for newcomers

follow, boost and fave all you like! we don't care about follow ratios and faves are private. go hog wild!

boosting your own posts is 100% ok. no shame. the TL is chronological, so there's no algorithm to fight.

please do use CWs. if in doubt, use one just to be safe.

hashtags are your friends and really the only effective way to search for posts. be sure to use them to maximize your reach.

don't be afraid to engage. dumping pictures is fine but stay and chat a bit too!

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Welcome to mastodon everyone! I love seeing all this art posted. But we do have some folks on here who don't see well, and they really appreciate it if you add a description to your images. Just briefly what you're showing people, so that they have some idea what they're looking for.

I know sometimes it seems like too much work, and if you can't you can't. But it does make your work accessible to more people, not least because more of us will boost it.

#introduction #florespondence #mastoart

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AFK Arena's advertising has become so aggressive they're trying to cater to furries. I remind you this is a game whose primary selling point is that it rewards you for not playing it.

What even IS mobile anymore?

I must say, that one bottle of wine every day
Keeps the doctor away

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Hey fediverse. I own the domain and it's expiring in 14 days. If anyone is interested I'm going to let this one lapse and would be willing to transfer if it's wanted

Just dm me some details and I'll unlock the domain for transfer to your registrar

Notification to instances that uses 

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I left a support ticket with my domain name registrar because I can't sign in to my account, but I can't view the support ticket because I can't sign in to my account.

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