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GNOME is pleased to work with @kde on Linux App Summit - let's build an application eco-system together! #Linuxapps #Linux

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Well, I officially expressed to Purism that I no longer want to continue my contract work at Purism today. Now I need to figure out where to go from here.
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Humans are social beings, and free software encourages us to be such! Love freedom and free software.

Linux-Libre is actually very easy to install!
If you are on a debian based distro, just follow the steps that @jxself has written here:

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I installed #Guix yesterday. Quite stoked about it. Really interesting project, check it out

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How the hell do you install Flipaclip on LineageOS without gapps and also make it run? I can get it in there but then it crashes when launched? Halp lazyweb !

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I wanted everyone to know I finally get my back surgery this friday. The doctors say I have a 90% chance of full recovery.

I cant wait to finally get back to my old self and pick up where I left off on my projects (including the #QOTO universe of services).

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me a + !
Preferably a bit clean looking (flat is justice)

Must run:
- VSCodium
- GitKraken
- Docker
- Vivaldi

Stuff I'd like to run (not a requirement):
- Bash
- Station

Will run on a laptop with the following specs:
- AMD E3-350 (dualcore 1.6GHz)
- 250GB HDD

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Can someone recommend a way to browser Gopher sites? I'm seeing toots about them and I'm quite curious :thonking:

Why do people think that I speak spanish

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Google and Facebook feed on fools, in order to be able to monitor and spy for marketing and trading personal data, they need stupid people to provide them with as many photos and videos as possible.

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@selea #Mate is the default DE in #Trisquel. Based on my experience so far, I would recommend that over #PureOS for now. #Purism have still got a some work to do before both the OS and the #Librem apps and services are ready for primetime. Fair enough though, given the ambitious task they've set themselves, one that better funded companies like #Canonical and #Mozilla have tried and failed.

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@selea don't forget it's insanely high price... $15 a month for the "solo"...

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@Blort what it says in the blog piece from Jan 2018 is:
> a PureOS GNOME-first strategy, with other Desktop Environments (DEs), such as KDE, available and supported by Purism.

... and that their focus is bringing #GNOME up to par with #Plasma across both desktop and mobile. I don't know which fundraiser you're referring to (I believe there have been a number), when it was, or if they made public statements promising #KDE more than this before it.

So @hund has built himself his own keyboard:

Really seems like a nice and interesting project!

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So this is exciting to me:

Also this:

Host your own website. Do fun stuff and control it all!

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