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Google is trying to pull a fast one.

I manage mail for several domains which have existed for years. Each one has perfect SPF, DKIM, DMARC etc., and none are blacklisted anywhere.

Yet suddenly in the last two weeks all of them are getting mails bounced by Gmail. To "solve" this problem Google want me to register the domains at their postmaster site.

This whole situation has a whiff reminiscent of Mallaig harbour.

#Google #Gmail #SurveillanceCapitalism

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RSAC 2019: TLS Markets Flourish on the Dark Web | Threatpost

Damn, selling authentic extended calid certs with duns? Total Inside job imo.

We're safe because we use digicert ev!

I am actually really happy that I have a feed here on that I really like and enjoy

cleaned up some instances that used the relay. Seems like many burner instances or in general short-lived instances likes to use relays..

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If you want interesting news articles about the Fediverse, you ought to follow the WeDistribute blog:


It's written by alternative social media veteran @sean

WeDistribute runs on a combination of Wordpress and the Pterotype plugin (which adds Fediverse compatibility to Wordpress sites).

#Fediverse #Blogs #Pterotype

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What is the drama about the instance where many instances blocked it for some reason?

A - This and this is shitty crapware
B - Why?
A - It broken for me once

That says more about the user instead of the software.

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@selea yeah sure, bots are fun. I was meaning human accounts posting automated stuff, like RSS or crossposts.

Accounts who crosspost from twitter are boring

I recognize many names on the Feedback for 3(3)(i) from mastodon, glad to see that many here take actions!

If you have'nt done it yourself, please do!

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Today is the last chance to raise your voice against #RadioLockdown! Please help to convince the #EUCommission that citizens care about #FreeSoftware and a free society.

Our @mxmehl summarised the topic and basic arguments you can reuse for your feedback:

Thank you for being part of our movement!

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Europe attempting to require manufacturer DRM to ban custom firmware on WiFi hardware (also almost anything else that transmits RF)

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As I mentioned in, I'm down to help people with F/LOSS projects (optimally for the Fediverse/IndieWeb/general public) to add #IndieAuth support (both consumer and provider) for their projects. The easiest way for us to grow our projects is to work together!

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Linux 5.0 is here.

* Btrfs file-system support for swap files

* Logitech high resolution scrolling support for mice

* The Raspberry Pi touch-screen driver was finally mainlined

* Early support work around for next-gen AMD Ryzen/EPYC processors

* AMD FreeSync/VRR support

* Initial support for the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2000 "Turing" GPU's

+so much more!

As usual, the boss Finn Linus Torvalds left a message also ==>
#Linux5 #Linux #kernel #LinusTorvalds #Torvalds

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