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Q: What do you call the money you pay to the government when
you ride into the country on the back of an elephant?
A: A howdah duty.

the toot client (in python pip) is quite cool, I can really recommend it!

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Today is a good day to ditch Chrome.

Don't enable spying, privacy invasion and who-knows-what kind of human rights violations in China.

As alternatives try Safari or Firefox. Set your search engine to DuckDuckGo. Live happily ever after. :)

Star Citizen is the only thing that would make me use again.
I am sorry


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Intel: new dedicated GPU will have a focus on Linux gaming!

Hot Hardware open the interview /w Ari Rauch & they even reference Linux:

"Ari seemed confident and pointed out that Intel has already made significant strides in overall compatibility and with Day 0 driver support for some of the latest games.

We should also mention that Ari underscored that Linux gaming will be a focus for Intel."


#Intel #Linux #gaming #GPU #IntelLinux

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@selea Cross posting would only be available by a browser extension or possibly a 3rd party app. The issue is Instagram deprecated their APIs due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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10,000,000,000 bytes of RAM - NOT data storage - on a so-called 'phone' (because fools will buy anything "latest" if the numbers seem big enough -- no matter if they know what the numbers mean)
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So today's 'phones', which people use to transmit stupid "emojis" and surf the Web, now come with an order of magnitude more RAM than my best machines (ever) had. Problem is, this encourages poor, inefficient software (oops, I mean "app") development.
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when you want to store data, it will just log into shodan and find a LIFX bulb to compromise over IPv6, then compromise it and store your data
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Still no documentation and not anywhere close to done, but my #ActivityPub #PHP library is open source at

My goal is to provide a well-tested, flexible library that handles the complicated parts of ActivityPub (JSON-LD, persistence, addressing, etc.) in a way that can be plugged into an existing PHP codebase with no hassle. That'll help me refactor #Pterotype, and will also make it easy for other developers to make developers to make plugins for Joomla, Drupal, etc.

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What is your on ? or are you more of a kind of person?

Let the debate begin!

-11 outside
+14 inside

Thanks landlord for the shitty windows

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Just added two guides on 🎉

- Talk about #Funkwhale guide:
- Share your feedback guide:

I've also added support for recommendations / warnings on steps, as shown in the screenshot below!

cc @turion

For the first time for month, I actually like this monday. Things are calm and I am not angry

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I have (with the help of some people over at Reddit) made a wireless AP that automatically connects any device using it to the Hyperboria (CjDNS)!

Now I'm gonna get working on 802.11s integration (so the AP will use 802.11s to mesh all the connected devices together, to obviously increase the range of the entire network) and then I'll be attempting to make a raspberry pi image out of it!

so excited 😍

I feel old because I go to bed at 22 PM

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