Jag ger dig någon vecka, så kommer du höra din ungar sjunga på den ;)

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Well, I did not have time / hardware to run it myself anymore - and the instance grew very fast aswell, so I moved it to masto.host


They are able to email-me - the block was only for signups via the form - invites and emails to the admin-email ofcourse still works.

Tbh I never thought I'd become the lead developer of an Audacity fork. I remember having troubles with very distorted audio coming from my other laptop's mic in Audacity (I made a some videos about this on my YouTube channel). The problem: raised mic volume XD (I can be susceptible to not seeing very simple problems)

now here I am, by decision, figuring out how we can properly implement JACK support. I think I know where to start: set our JACK client name so we are not called "PortAudio" XD

Just wondering, are there Linux ROMs I can try on my Google Pixel 3?

OpenMandriva on Ampere Altra

There has been great news for OpenMandriva a couple of days ago: We got a nice large box in the mail.

Even though the weight of the box was pretty impressive when I had to carry it to the second floor, the content turned out to be far more impressive - a Mt. Collins server with Ampere Altra CPUs - 160 CPU cores and 128 GB RAM, given to us by Ampere Computing to support our aarch64 development efforts. (...)

Eventful week
Started a new job, and I like it.
The people is very nice and smart, and the plans for the future is optimistic and bright!

The weekend started with 6 hours at the hospital, and my son got a cast on his arm (not broken, but a fracture).
But the rest of the weekend turned out fine.

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