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@selea Use a different schema? :P (obvious :colorscheme is mandatory for a real editor)

:colorscheme elflord :terminal_blinker:

What would I do without it

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I've had headache 6 days in a row now... I have no idea why

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Meant to share this update this morning... 4 weeks strong

Smoke Free: 28d 17h 11m 14s
Cigarettes Not Smoked: 516.9
Life Regained: 3d 22h 45m 47s
Money Saved: $ 299.8

Quit Tracker

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#linuxacademy uses #flash so I cannot watch their video courses on #linux

r u fkn serious?

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fail2ban is quite handy :)
You can configure it to automatically ban IP's, and report them to their ISP while report it to abuseipdb for example :)

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Det är dom! Dessutom odlade i vårt kök :)

eeeh, is the gnu hashtag broken? Because I am getting timeout when I try to browse it.

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Working on remotely controlling a telescope, and have just got its server to send status messages as a mastodon client bot as @remscope

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