Hmm, I should fix my Orange Pi IOT 4G, it has been laying around for month

:ubuntu: Will you be using 20.10?

New to this platform. Looking to make friends and connections in the linux community! :archlinux:


Nice! Let me know!

Also, who knows - maybe you'll get it in the linux-kernel :P But then you would be limited to the syscalls and those are not great when it comes to latency/speed on nvme drives :)


Have you seen the bot that @djsundog has made?
I am running mine on @nowplaying , it checks and posts it here on fedi :)

Back on mastodon after quite a few months. good to be here truly

The designer send me the logo that SStorage is gonna use, not gonna lie, it looks really nice


Not a bad idea actually, I already have Bugzilla up and running. Maybe that would work.

Sucks that it does not look good on phone thou :P


I thought about it, but it would not be ideal actually. Since we manufacture tens of thousands of devices that we need to keep track of and keep the history for 7-10 years

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