Will things get better?

Please boost for sample size.

Hi, Nice to meet you.
I’m Mil, or call me Mia.
I was Engineer of Server Side, and Loving Linux so much 😍
I like OpenSUSE tumbleweed and I can write easy program by ShellScript.
I have a GitHub Account. -> Neumaru

If you interested me, please follow me!


I haven ot heard anything since Hyperbola announced that their are switching to BSD - is that still a thing?



Äh, man vill inte bo här ändå - de flesta hamnar här utav misstag och kommer aldrig ifrån



Gilar han datorer och nörderi, så kan du gärna sätta honom på bussen till borås - jag behöver kompisar :(


Happy birthday to me!!

I generally never share things about my life on social media but idk why I'm doing it now. Just want to do it.

For most people the is the most used tech item. For many is the only way to connect to the .
Saying that, would you justify to spent a months worth of YOUR salary for a ?

One of the hardest questions on a job interview: "Who are you?". 😆


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