Hey @selea just noticed Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort=()
Is not set on linux.pizza , social.linux.pizza or bin.linux.pizza (via https at least, didn't test http). Thanks for providing such an awesome service just thought you would want to know


It is currently on its way to social.linux.pizza!


And it will also arrive to the other sites soon. I just need to find the tiny amount of time for it :

Svenska RΓΆkstenen frΓ₯n 800-talet. LΓ€ngsta runskriften som hittats tror jag det Γ€r.

#artefactporn #runes #viking

@Hyolobrika @lain

You can actually implement it right now with:
Header always set Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort=()

i am searching for email client which support multiple email (imap+smtp) accounts at the same time, tried mutt and neomutt with no luck (failed to configure it for polling or even properly display multiple accounts, this should be possible, but non of found hints works)

also pgp support is a requirement.

dav would be good addition.

#linux #imap #smtp #mail #terminal #console
@aral might I also suggest adding to nginx configs:

add_header Fuck-Google;

@aral @SwooshyCueb hot take: see if you can send patches to make this a default in nginx and apache

I just realised that implicitly I built a FLOC tester :D

Want to check if your browser implements FLOC? Just go to shivering-isles.com and if a banner shows up warning you about FLOC, your browser is affected. Amazing!

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Alright! I am very pleased and happy to know that this is coming to mastodon soon!
Then you can wait with it, in order to keep non-default configs to a minimum :)

Hey @mastohost !

Would it be possible to have custom headers enabled on this instance?

Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort=()

This disables Googles new FLOC tracking crap.

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