I did start use it back in 2001 when I was 9 years old. The primary reason back then was so I can tell my friends at school that "I was'nt using Windows", but it turned out to be useless because they did'nt even know what was.
I've always had a PC with installed at home, but when I got my current job I quickly found out that Windows was'nt needed. So I switched completely to . Wife is on Linux and it works great too!

@nolan @bobstechsite

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anyone have any css tweaks they like? i'm compiling a repo for users and admins to import whichever tweaks they wish... #mastoadmin #mastocss

work in progress link: github.com/trwnh/mastomods

Hey @funkwhale , it seems that you are not able to accept donations via @Liberapay anymore? Can you look into it?

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Radio Nostalgi med Spektrumvisning

Hej På Er Här kommer några bilder på Radio Klenoder från 50-60 talet,  som Här kommer några bilder på Radio Klenoder från 50-60 talet, som  SM0HBV, SM0MRQ och SM0OTX “skruvade” med på sin “mys-torsdag”. Radion med en Panadapter (spektrumvisning) är … Läs mer

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honestly the thing i hate the most about our society is the unholy amount of money you have to regurgitate for the right to have your own physical space

the rest of it i could live with


There seems to not be avaliable for arm yet, amd64 only ;(


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@pagrus @selea the server (synapse) is still a bit of a dog but getting better. now 1.0 is almost here we can finally focus on perf over correctness again

I can really recommend you to set up your own homeserver!
@matrix has made it really simple to set it up on a debian based machine thanks to their .deb package.

Thanks you @matrix , great work!

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Oscar-100 (Es’hail-2/PA4)

Efter 50 år av AMSAT aktivitet så har vi nu nått nummer 100. Lämpligt nog så blev det den första amatörtranspondern i geostationär position. (26 grader öst) Nedlänken sker på 10Ghz vilket normalt sett brukar bli problem för den genomsnittlige … Läs mer

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So with your feedback, there are two features I have to work on for #Fedilab:

- #Peertube: allow videos to be run in background with a media controller in the top bar. And I will add the ability to create your Playlist.

- #GNUSocial and #friendica implement groups feature.

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ooh this is compelling blog.marmota.nefixestrada.com/

> #Marmota is a distributed and Free Software alternative to #Spotify (and by extension the majority of the music streaming services)

using #IPFS and #ActivityPub

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my first array is up and running, hopefully it will serve as a storage for a future instance

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I would love that all Fediverse networks have a common endpoint with a common API URL like:


{"software":"Mastodon", "version":"2.71"}

That would easily allow applications to know what network is running behind the domain name.

#Mastodon #Pleroma #Peertube #Pixelfed #GNUSocial #Friendica #Misskey


is it going to recognize headers like x-forwarded-proto?

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