Their are not spoiled only because they turn brown - infact when they are brown is when they are the tastiest

If I don't follow you yet please reply so I can do that ❀️

Also, the kids just came in - glad to see that they love being outside.
Nights like this will be remembered by them for the rest of their life

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Nice weather and temperature this night, I should take a walk tonight again!

Has anyone hard of/tried Libre Fox? It's a fork of Firefox that focuses on privacy and security, e.g. adblock origin included, enhanced security and privacy conscious search providers. No telemetry, experiments or any other annoyances. It seems to be available for most distros as an AppImage or Flatpak or can be installed via packet manager for major distros i.e. Arch : ). So, I think I'm going to take it for a spin and see what it's like.


Well, I installed LibreWolf from the AUR, initially going for LibreWolf 79.01 which turned out to be a source code compilation. After 3.5hrs and all my RAM (8gigs) and most of my swap (6 out of 8gigs) being consumed), I stopped the compilation. My laptop is only a basic i5 and is simply not up to the job. So, I installed the binary. It's similar to Firefox, it claims to deal with all trackers but being paranoid I simply don't trust it and have installed a few extensions to make sure.

I just realized that I haven't named my new #thinkpad laptop yet. What should I call it?

Boosts appreciated!

I deleted my twitter a/c after 12yrs on Twitter, weary of the abuse, bullying, threats etc. What started with so much potential has degenerated into a heavily politicised echo chamber. Sick of being mass-reported for nothing. It bores me. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my back/mind. If anyone remembers 80's hardcore legends Minor Threat, here's a very apt song to describe the twitter experience


Dear president, please delete your Github [proprietary] account.

We are considering supporting boosted posts in Home Timeline, is that something you would like to see?


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