Hey users!

We now have a group here on Fediverse!

Just follow @trisquel and tag that "account" every toot you make about trisquel and it will appear in everyones timeline that follow that group.

Is there any community for people that does not speaks spanish but use ?

9 beta is available for testing!
Guess what I am doing this week?

:trisquel: :trisquel: :trisquel: :trisquel: :trisquel: :trisquel: :trisquel: :trisquel: :trisquel: :trisquel: :trisquel: :trisquel:

Finally, my kids got their first computer. At the moment - it is a raspberry pi but I am hoping to find something so I can run sugar or something

I tested linux on another machine I had around, but I felt somewhat dirty after have been running only for many month.

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