Hmmm, is it possible to use Nextcloud as a user-backend for matrix-synapse?

If anyone want a simpler client, I can recommend SchildiChat!

I dont know what the logo is thou

Finally found a client that does not stop working after 5-10 starts on the Pinebook Pro (Debian)

Does anyone run a TURN/STUN server for public use here?

A small family matrix-synapse server is needing one :)

Finally took the time to fix email for synapse - now I just have to fix a STUN and TURN server for it.

How do I send system/server notification to all user on a homeserver?

First post from the Pinebook Pro.
Now I just have to find a good client for it

I have been tasked with setting up a server for my company.
I want it to be easy to maintain and set up. Is it a good idea to use the package that @matrix provides?

Last time I used it, the syntax of the homeserver.yaml change or something, and considering that synapse is using a "HUUUUUUGE" config file instead of many small ones does make it annoying to upgrade if stuff is deprecated or added into the config

Alright, I get this problem when I am setting up a new matrix-synapse server. I did not get this last time.
What does this mean?


Is there any way to use S3-storage toghether with -synapse or .im?

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