Since is turning more and more corporate, I would really start using more and more.

with some desktop environment maybe?
Or does anyone else have any other suggestion?

I've tried Project Trident for a while, but it was not stable enough for my hardware for some reason.

Pleased to announce, that we have changed our banner for instead of the old one. The new one is classified as "art".

This was crafted together by @ohyran , so if you are in any need of a illustrator/designer - you know who you should talk to :)

Is it possible to auth against a VPN-server with you PGP.key?

Just read an article about how "Försäkringskassan" - a Swedish state agency is utilizing @nextcloud .

One of the big reason they do it us because of Cloud Act.

Nice, I hope that our government realizes that free software is the only way to go. There is no downsides when it comes to using and writing free software.

Linux-Libre is actually very easy to install!
If you are on a debian based distro, just follow the steps that @jxself has written here:

So, SolusProject does not like criticism regarding strange serverconfiguration and decided to block those users.

What is the 's oppinion on ?
How is the package support and hardware support?



It is almost 20 years since I heard about for the first time. being the little kid that still used Windows 95 and 3.1 the idea of something different from Windows was really cool.

Two years later, I got my first Linux machine, I never could imagine that it would define my whole life.


You have to fix your emails sent from your forum, you can't expect mails to be accepted if they are sent from "solus-forum.localdomain"

Planning to upgrade my in the coming month, I currently have a Proxmox machine running several VM's and containers.

What is your suggestion for hardware? I am mainly looking for hardware to house my hypervisor.

Rest in peace Cristian Gafton, maintainer and leader of the project

Linux-Libre announced RISC-V support, starting from 4.19.1.

That means that Linux-libre currently support the following architectures:


# riscv

Finally, now my mirror is an official Trisquel mirror, I can now die happy.

I have tried for a couple of days, and the question that I have now is "why did I not use this earlier?"

Is there any good alternative to Spotify?
I have used Spotify for 10 years and the only reason I use it is because I find new music every day that I like. I am having trouble seeing that an alternative (read self hosted) would actually be that great because it would be very limited when it comes to discover new music that I love.

Example of artist that I like:
Suduaya, Sundial Aeon, H.U.V.A Networks, Carbon Based Lifeforms

Feel great to not be depending on to do what I what.
Now when released it's I can now play the games I like, even thosee that is not "made for Linux".

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