I must say, that this is actually great.
I am finally able to learn k8s without putting my hair and curling up in a corner while crying


I just found a new VM on my homelab with Kali Linux.

Apparently my wife installed it

Ok, I need the smallest possible image for the raspberry pi 4 - does anyone here know something about that?

The smallest working image I can get by trimming down raspbian is 350 MB - I would love to have a even smaller one!

kernel:[ 9431.419223] Dazed and confused, but trying to continue

Wtf , what

Alright fedi, I need your guidance.

I am looking for a for personal and work related use. I do want to get a laptop that supports the / community.

Which one should I get?

I have looked at , but I have a vague memory that both and released their own laptop?

Hey users!

We now have a group here on Fediverse!

Just follow @trisquel and tag that "account" every toot you make about trisquel and it will appear in everyones timeline that follow that group.

Linux-Libre users!

I can't find the location of the linux-libre kernel headers, the default one is stored in /usr/src , but the linux-libre ones are not

Does anyone know any that is in need of ?
I do mirror the popular ones already at mirror.linux.pizza/ but I am looking into helping out smaller that does not have the money or capacity to spend on bandwith.

I am still new att writing, I never liked it but it is something that I want to get better at.

I have written about my experience with my new keyboard, I would like to hear your criticism on the post so I can improve myself.


Am I the only one that is looking back to the "good old day" with Linux? Like 1999-2004?

I feel like that I am still looking for the same experience, the amazement and journey I had back then as a 9 year old kid.

When it comes to Linux-distros, I have not found "The One" yet, I have kinda settled down with and thats awesome, but I feel like there is something missing.

Maybe I should just change WindowManager this time

Since is turning more and more corporate, I would really start using more and more.

with some desktop environment maybe?
Or does anyone else have any other suggestion?

I've tried Project Trident for a while, but it was not stable enough for my hardware for some reason.

Pleased to announce, that we have changed our banner for social.linux.pizza instead of the old one. The new one is classified as "art".

This was crafted together by @ohyran , so if you are in any need of a illustrator/designer - you know who you should talk to :)

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