Well, it seems that I can follow account from GNU-Social, but I can't follow accounts on that instance.

Any ideas?

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Linux-Libre users!

I can't find the location of the linux-libre kernel headers, the default one is stored in /usr/src , but the linux-libre ones are not

Am I the only one that is looking back to the "good old day" with Linux? Like 1999-2004?

I feel like that I am still looking for the same experience, the amazement and journey I had back then as a 9 year old kid.

When it comes to Linux-distros, I have not found "The One" yet, I have kinda settled down with and thats awesome, but I feel like there is something missing.

Maybe I should just change WindowManager this time

Linux-Libre is actually very easy to install!
If you are on a debian based distro, just follow the steps that @jxself has written here:


So, SolusProject does not like criticism regarding strange serverconfiguration and decided to block those users.

Rest in peace Cristian Gafton, maintainer and leader of the project

Linux-Libre announced RISC-V support, starting from 4.19.1.

That means that Linux-libre currently support the following architectures:


# riscv

Someone just told me that they think that "GPL is a virus"...

I am usually not offended, but this time is was and I was suprised

Finally, now my mirror is an official Trisquel mirror, I can now die happy.

Is there any good alternative to Spotify?
I have used Spotify for 10 years and the only reason I use it is because I find new music every day that I like. I am having trouble seeing that an alternative (read self hosted) would actually be that great because it would be very limited when it comes to discover new music that I love.

Example of artist that I like:
Suduaya, Sundial Aeon, H.U.V.A Networks, Carbon Based Lifeforms

I am really happy that linux-libre are really fast with releasing deblobbed kernels the day after the mainline linux kernel is released!

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