Self-hosting email is nice

You should do the same

@selea no email service will ever be as good, or as private, as the one you run yourself!


But the old server had accumulated years of neglet due to just lack of time.
I am here with renew strength and passion :P


It is not actually that complex.
Chose the hoster visely, and the rest is a nicer

@selea No problems with freaking Gmail so far? I've heard that Google is in the habit of banning self-hosters as a potential spam threat :(


Well, my email does not end up in spam in gmail atleast.
Probably because I take it slow.

I slowly increase the amount of email sent from the IP towards gmail. And all emails are proberly signed and fully athenticated ofcourse.

The only provider I have a problem sending emails to is icloud, but I expect that to work soon

@selea my servers get recycled frequently and they're even more likely to get flagged as spam from an unknown domain, and that's if I can figure out port forwarding! And hoping that it isn't opening my whole home network to DDOS.

@selea it's nice, sure.

What's not nice is getting your server off all those spam lists in case you have the honor of having a previously misused IP 🙈


I've dealt with that yeah, but it usually take a day or two

@selea I had a multi day conversation with spamrats alone because they flagged my IP as "residential" for some reason and refused to remove that flag at first...


Ah spamrats...
Some RBL's are just plain scammy.
UCEPROTECT is one of them.
Spamrats is a greyzone imo.

@selea I haven't had to deal with uceprotect yet, thanks for the heads up.

To me spamrats seemed legit but a bit hyperactive when it comes to filtering and arguing against unblocking.

@selea Self-hosting mail is a pain in the ass, but it is really nice to not depend on anyone.

@sergiotarxz @selea are you using mailinthebox (mitb) or what? I am interested myself

@smoothoperatorgr @selea I am using Postfix + Dovecot + Opendkim + Postgresql I had a missconfiguration recently which prevented me to be able to receive mails.


I use iRedmail, I gave mailcow a try but I was to much docker for my taste. It took way much space on the vps too


@selea @smoothoperatorgr I attempt to avoid docker on my setups not because I do not like containerization, but because when you start having special needs to modify a docker is way harder than to modify a Gentoo ebuild.


Sometimes I like docker, sometimes not.
My emailserver is a docker-free environment for sure :P



I have been doing it for the last 7 years, and honestly - I think that it was more of a PITA to find a decent email hoster...

@selea I am now using both self-hosting and Someday I will start to slowly migrate away from posteo.

Unfortunatelly the "self-hosting" is done in contabo which is not as privacy friendly as letting all be at home.

@selea there's quite a bit of distance from "nice" to "you should do the same".

But yeah it's nice. I wish for an internet where your router comes with yunohost and a touchscreen and ipv6 allows us to self-host anything like installing apps on mobile.

@selea if I owned an IP address then maybe, but reputation management is an issue
@selea I should able to self host since 99% of my email is receive-only, and I could just use my gmail account in the rare case that I send one, but I like supporting small business anyway. I have a Fastmail account for now and I will probably move to Migadu in the future.

I have also used DNSExit successfully in the past for reputation management when I self-hosted a file transfer service at the office.

So, there are options.


Well, you could relay outgoing email via a trusted party too?

@selea That's basically what the DNSExit service does, and it's cheap enough. But if your needs are modest enough, Migadu is cheaper than a cheap vps and they do everything for you, so it's pretty compelling.

@selea It'd be a nice use for my raspberry pi that's gathering dust, but don't self hosted email domains regularly get blacklisted?

@selea For a reach challenge, try to send an email from a self hosted domain to or Their admins have 'own rules' from whom they accept mail.
Apart of that, I like self hosting also email.

@selea The bad thing is security, IMO even monopoly services like Gmail have better security compared to a self hosted email service. No need to explain why


Oh you can get your gmail account hacked, or banned by Google and so on.
But well, I know what you mean

@selea Yeah, I was thinking on the side of server-side security mainly. Account bans are also crap, that's true


Well, we cannot be sure since they dont disclose any CVE or exploits officially. But there has been cases where people have gained access internal shit at google too.


I want to but everyone says it's extremely hard so I get discouraged.

@redstarfish there are shit like emailwiz modoboa etc. which make it pretty easy

@arya shit is uncountable, so it would be "there is shit" it is hard.

you have to configure at least 4 separate programs to work together and you have to edit the records so it's recognized as an email address.
and then you have to hope you didn't screw up and get yourself blacklisted.

they might just blacklist you anyways if for whatever reason they don't like your ip address or whatever.
#🤔 if your not too worried about working with the big email services though 🤷‍♂️ you could probably get away with it pretty easily. #🤔

@selea yessir, nobody can tell me how big my attachments can be! Nobody controls me anymore!

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