Aaah, is this the beginning of the end for tiktok?
Just saw someone (50+) explaining how he connects with customers over tiktok.

Well, when boomers invade - the kiddies always leave. I wonder where they will go to now.

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@selea Funny you should mention this as I've just seen a Slashdot post about Amazon using TikTok-style feed in the Amazon app. :flan_facepalm:

@selea I was speaking to a 50+ man recently that was unable to sign in to and use a webmail service, but quite happily uses tiktok

I really don't know if that's a good or bad thing


haha, inget spf eller dmarc record - så det är relativt enkelt att bli utsatt för fishing ifrån deras domän

@selea om det funnits några användare. De enda jag såg var aktiva där var typ 40+ män :D

@selea somehow I’m hurt. I’m young but people call me boomer.

@selea not sure if that’s sad or good. I feel pretty comfortable and okay but it doesn’t seem good on outside.

@selea No one ever leaves tiktok. This is only proof that no one is safe from ByteDance's grasp.

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