The shift to "cloud/devops/automation" is kinda a good thing, but I feel it has created an abstraction layer on the basic OSI Model. Things that I have observed during the last years:

Cloud - basically you are in the hands of the cloud provider, no real control. More frequent downtime.

Devops - You are in the hands of the tools that you are working with, but not really understanding whats underneath of how thing are "working toghether".

Automation - More time for fun stuff

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The good news, the cloud builds on FOSS.

throw enough money on baremetal and build your own cloud. gaining back control, and workload.

devop tools, i don't understand exactly what you mean. using the tools inherits the knowledge how they work in my opinion.

i love ansible! ;)

to be honest when i learned docker, the hardest part was learning to not ssh into my containers. it took a while to understand this.

@jorval @selea

Ah yes, throwing enough money on bare metal to make a georeplicated cloud... because most companies can afford to rent 3 or 4 extra buildings in other continents, then furnish those with servers and sysadmins to boot, and then make the software work well with it...

Lemme pull you an estimate... around 600kUSD per year if everything goes very very well and your software doesn't need tweaking or has extra needs

@selea @jorval

Of course, it depends on the industry (everyone needs a form of georeplicated backups tho)


Atleast one offsite backup (offsite being 100km away or more) ;)


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