One thing that's sad - is that I can't force my oldest kid to only run Linux on his machines anymore...
Sadly, is to hard to get running on Linux...

Well, he told me that he wants Linux too - so I'll teach him about dual-boot atleast :)

I hate roblox for so many reasons that I can do a series of video essays on it.

@selea Who needs roblox anyways😂 Just make him play minecraft.

@Madelen @selea not exactly how that works. But I joined roblox in the start of 2015 right where the quality of roblox moderation went off the earth. And also roblox fourms got deleted, and tix got removed.

@fbievan @selea I mean roblox is just trash that uses kids to make money. They legit exploit them.

@Madelen @fbievan @selea They exploit children as hard as skids exploit the shitty security of the game :^)

Haven't gotten to play it, was going to yesterday. But me and my friends used to much time installing shaders...

@selea @Madelen Over here we're entering into a Minetest period again!

We used to hang on a cool instance with lots of plugins, even some locally maintained patches to make them work together. But then we spilled too much lava in a place far from where anyone else was building, but it was still considered a permabannable offense.

Now we're back on a different instance.

This time we're under the sea to make sure our experiments won't offend anyone. We just struck a lot of mese and gold, so now we can build lots of cool stuff. The kid built a house already with interior decoration and a garden, all in an underground underwater cave with a blue rock fake sky. 😁

He woke me up this morning with: "hey. minetest?"

@clacke @selea Thats nice, might have to jump on some minecraft with my friends. Just have to distrohop first. I am doing vanila arch for a change.


Nice one, I suppose the AntVenom video have given Minetest a big push :)


@selea @clacke @Madelen Vintage story is also a great minecraft-like game

@EmberDev @selea @clacke thats cool! Maybe i will set up my own server. The only hard part would be convincing my friends to try it.

@selea @clacke @Madelen (not foss if you care for that, but it supports linux and is even on flathub)

@EmberDev @Madelen @selea Oh, I thought you meant Vintage Story is a Minetest plugin that is a lot like Minecraft.

So it's a standalone proprietary game?

Damn peer pressure.

I don't know how well this works, but it hints that Roblox will run well on Linux.

@selea @smpl My daughter occasionally asks for roblox too. Grapejuice did not work on Mint for us either. But i did not go very deep trying to fix stuff.

@harrysentonbury @selea @smpl I have grapejuice running on mint on my other computer . Grapejuices documentation does really suck.

@selea @smpl grapejuice takes a bit of effort to run. But it should run just fine on arch Linux it just works. So, honestly when roblox was fixed with a wine patch I instantly switched

@selea @smpl definitely reccomend grapejuice. What do you mean that it didn't work?

@selea what about a Windows VM running it on top of Linux?


I was thinking about that, but I dont want to make thing complicated for my son.
However, he told me that he still wants Linux - so I'll shove in the SSD from his old machine

@selea have you tried running it using proton?

You'll need an install of steam and I think also some windows game that runs using proton to trigger the download of proton (there might also be other ways to get it though)

@lerk @selea Playing Roblox on Wine requires specific patches that are packaged as "grapejuice", but those only work on a good day; It's not a reliable setup.

@smpl @arya


Yeah I noticed that :P
And is also breaks popos too, since ALOT of packages needs to be installed from third party

@lerk @smpl @arya

@clacke @selea @lerk @smpl @arya I've been playing roblox on Linux for months and rarely get any breakage

@fbievan @lerk @smpl @arya @selea Good for you! I got grapejuice working on the first try ... then the next day it didn't work, just got stuck on the load screen.

On the third day the Roblox browser plugin upgraded and it worked again ... and then on the next day it didn't.

Maybe we have different video chips and that makes a difference? Who knows.

I always try grapejuice first and if it's a bad day I reboot to the other OS.

@clacke @selea @lerk @smpl @arya honestly I have gotten some bugs. But that's been for months Always check for updates for grapejuice. And also it took me a long time to get it working first time. I've played on an nvidia GPU and Intel's integrated graphics, and amds integrated graphics. I've usally kept to vulkan or opengl for the renderer, as directx with dxvk can sometimes be unstable.

@selea My 6 year old son uses my dual boot desktop, mostly in Linux. He occasionally wants to play Bedrock Edition or Roblox, and I've taught him how to boot into it. Haven't had any luck getting Roblox to work in Linux either 🤷‍♂️

Just about everything else works fine with Proton (Need for Speed, Rocket League, Sega Sonic games, etc).


Yeah Roblox is the only game that is keeping us from being 100% Linux, and I dont know why the devs refuse to support it...

Wow, when using things like Lutris, Bottles, Heroic Games Launcher, I am easily forgetting that not every game can be played on Linux yet.

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