Ooh builds for 1.19 and dynmap builds aswell?

Time to update my minecraft server I guess

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@selea I've updated my paper server to 1.19 a few days ago. It looks nice. :ablobcool:

@selea Nope, only installed SkinsRestorer. Dynmap just ate too much resources from my server. :minecraft_tnt:


Ah alright!
I have plenty of resources, the most important for me is dynmap and the matrix<>minecraft chatbridge

@thatonecalculator there's a fabric mod pack I forgot the specific source (I got it on multimc) but it's 1.19 and has basicly all optifine features (- capes )

@thatonecalculator it gets like 20-30 with a fairly heavy shader pack tho but after the world loads in without shaders you can get like 230 fps

@thatonecalculator damn that sucks I've had pretty good luck with mine all except that ray tracking pack even though I don't have a rtcard it would still pathtrace but with a performance hit but sodium/iris just go bonkers with it

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