The hardest part with getting new email server is the naming scheme

@selea My current theme is Greek gods and figures. Can usually find a good name for any service.

@selea we used this scheme:
- group -> milky way
- servers -> sirius, polaris, alpha centauri... :)
@selea I've had that same trouble many times. Last time I decided to start using the names of Greek or Norse gods.

@gunsrude I followed did that too - once.
I wonder if I should name it after mountains or something

@sotolf @gunsrude @mgrondin @selea Close your eyes for 10 seconds then open them... the first thing you see is the name of the server

Mine would be...
*closes eyes for 10 seconds and opens them*

@selea naming them after Pokémon is my jam. You could choose the Pokémon Pidove since it is based on a pigeon which historically were used for mail delivery.

@selea I usually name my servers after planets


PS: I know planets are named after greek mythical figures. Don't @ me.

@oklomsy @selea I name my devices after anything that sounds cool, mainly Valve references (aperture, combine, xen)

and I name my servers as number words (one, two, four)

@straw @selea Another idea would be naming them after video game characters.

Like for tf2, you would do scout, soldier, pyro and so on.

@straw @selea Now if you really, really need names, you can also name them after this list of minor planet names. (This is the same thing Devuan uses)

(Of course pick one that is actually good.)

@straw @oklomsy @selea Your numbering system is similar to mine, but I use full codes.

Example: Desktop

A: Desktop
A: Use case (general purpose for this one)
000: ID number
-0: Sub ID (OS in this case)

I have different first letters for different devices, such as B for laptops and C for phones. On flash drives and such, the sub ID is the partition number.

@oklomsy @selea I guess I'm boring, the servers im managing are called DHCP, webapp, reporting, ftp, monitoring, and so on :p

@sotolf @oklomsy @selea

Lol yeah same. I guess I was missing an opportunity yo get more attached to them!

@selea @oklomsy

planet #136472 Makemake

lol what a weird name for a planet. At first I thought you were saying you had some kind of maker machine or something.

GO FOR 136473!! YOU CAN DO IT!!

@oklomsy @selea I like naming things after things that got named after other things before. It's a proven track record!

My take: Use Star Trek ship names for naming servers. They are designed to be easy to remember, sound slightly technical, and you're never running of names - Antares, Buran, Constellation, Defiant, Enterprise, ... Yamato, Zapata.
Plus: ST ships transport things (messages) at high speeds to distant locations - but can fail or be slowed down occasionally.

İn my experience naming servers is the easiest part. Just use the domain name this server will host. İt is okay if server will host under many subdomains.

@selea I use Texas flora for server names. Then I use Texas fauna for other infrastructure names.

My NAS is called Longhorn, web server is called Armadillo.

My WiFi access point is called Bluebonnet.

@StampedingLonghorn @selea I have family in Texas, still, everytime I go down there it freaks me out when I see an armadillo. Those things look like miniature dinosaurs 😆

@JSkier @selea They sound freaky when they jump up and hit your car, of course their protection mechanism kills them.


Dark Algebra

The forbidden math.

Idk im in a weird mood.
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