Loopia email: Refusing to support DKIM
Fastmail: Refusing to support "-" in usernames/addresses
Migadu: No DAV

I think I have to self-host my email...

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@selea I am shocked by Loopia refusing to support DKIM? What's their reasoning.


"you only want DKIM if you are sending marketing emails"

And that is just bullshit.

@selea so using their analogy, you only need free speech if you have something to say.

@selea I know this is evil but I hope spammers try to impersonate Loopia to such a degree that they get a bad reputation and get forced to implement DKIM.

@selea @oklomsy that's really crazy, you have to question if they're fit-for-purpose on that statement alone.
@selea @oklomsy wut

Super disappointing, both the lack of feature and their attitude.

Everybody needs DKIM because some people spam.

@selea Tried proton? They support custom domains. I haven't checked their DKIM status though.


I have thought about them aswell, but I really dont want to tinker with custom applications in order to reach access email and calendar

@selea Hm sad. Well either way I would avoid hosting my own e-mail if I could. It's just a huge hassle and all the big providers have the whole internet by the balls because they decide who is a credible sender and who is not.


The only hassle is finding a good IP-range really. Otherwhise it is really not that hard.
But that is probably because I am an huge idiot and like SMTP and everything around it.

@selea The IP range thing is why I'd recommend using a VPS as a relay, and having the actual mail store at home on an alternative port, or even over wireguard.

Because then you can easily re-deploy a new VPS to get a new IP, or with a completely different provider.

I know VPS IPs have a higher chance of being tainted already but it's more mobility just in case. One of our client filters at work has like 6 public IPs.


Yeah, I thinking about something like that actually.
I have the flow drawn on a paper, I just need to find the time - If I ever decide to go forward with it.

@selea I’ve self hosted, it’s not fun. There are some tools to mask here it a little easier like mailinabox. Just moved my email to purelymail, working well so far.

@oklomsy @daksh

I have thought about it, but I'll just need to find a good hoster - that's all

@daksh @oklomsy

They have failed to implement correct TLSA/DANE for years, even if I reached out to them to explain the issue.

@selea @oklomsy ohh, didnt know
riseup is what i use on a rare occasion i have to email someone, works good enough for that

@selea No DAV on Migadu? I have DAVx5 running on my Android storing calendar entries on Migadu. Similar to this:
Or you might think of Contacts?

@selea email should be seriously rethought and reinvented, the current situation is horrible and should be depricated


The main problem in my oppinion is that is more and more centralized.

@selea yeah, ig you can track most of its problems back to being owned by every single big corp

@selea I've been using Zoho for a couple of years, but they insist on having a "notifications" and "newsletter" folder and sorting my email for me, with no way to turn off this "feature" (I just want everything in my inbox). Anyway, I've given serious thought to self hosting over that issue alone.

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