I wonder if I should get a Steam Deck for the money I got from the tax-return - or a NAS with good drives...

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Synology really do make great products. I bought an older two bay version 10 years ago, and it had a RAM slot for expanding memory. Also some nice people had written up a guide to keep running unsupported DSM builds by faking a newer model, so in the end I was running DSM 6 on a devices that lost update support after DSM 4. 馃憤 I'm now rocking a Xpenology based on Supermicro X10/Xeon and a CSE-825 chassi with 16TB drives. 馃榿


well, I thought that the NAS would be relevant longer than the Steam Deck - and that's basically the same xD

@selea @lucifer It is the right decision. Not the easy one, but the right one nonetheless. Synology is not a cheap brand but their devices are beasts. I've had one at work running for a decade (with a raid 5) and it has never failed me.

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I had read glowing reviews about Synology, but when I ordered mine I found it to actually be lacking when compared to a home-built NAS setup running NextCloud and regular Debian. :nextcloud: :debian:

I can do all of the same things that Synology can do on better hardware with open source software for the same price. :blobcatshrug2:

FWIW I actually returned mine.

@twizzay In my case it's not about comparing options as I wanted something "plug & play" & with some built-in tools to facilitate my work quickly.

I use OMV at home installed on a RaspberryPi 3B and I'm happy with it. Why? Because I've had time to learn, a Synology NAS was an overkill solution and it's been a fun and useful project.

I usually recommend open source options, but I know they are not suitable for all scenarios.

BTW, NextCloud on a RPi? I should take a look on this project 馃

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To anyone interested in using Nextcloud I recommend Nextcloudpi.
Its the same software just much easier to manage and build. More 鈥減lug and play鈥 as it were.

Ive never used Open Media Vault but it looks cool. However, if you know how to set up the same features on a regular Debian distro, then you wont need it anymore! :blobcatsipsmile:

I currently run NextcloudPi in a docker container on Debian.

I have a guide you can read if you鈥檙e interested.


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