1258 packages can be upgrades. Run 'apt list --upgradable' to see them.

@selea @oklomsy Oh boy, do you have a laptop cooling pad? The cpu fan is going to have a bad time! XD

@selea make your dinner on that for shits and giggles

@selea @alejandrobdn @oklomsy I have a toughbook cf19 mk3, it has no fans either it uses it's entire metal shell as a heatsync

Which is nice but it makes me feel like my lap is on fire if I use it during the summer

@selea @alejandrobdn @oklomsy
if the pinebook doesnt have fans than how am i a fan of the pinebook? checkmate atheists

@selea not THAT bad, there are still some black spaces left on your screen 馃サ

@selea At first this looked like static noise on a tv. 馃

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