I wonder how the people that have designed Windows 11 still have a job - and how they got it in the first place.

Windows 11 does not help with productivity at all. It is really crappy.

The only real thing is directstorage, but that's all

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@selea Isn't the whole reason that companies make things like that that they need to find justification for all the designers they have on staff, even when they have something that is already usable, so they play around with the interface to justify their employment.


I really dont know,
I have no idea why they have decided to make a UI that was actually usable - not great - but usable and then make it completely shit

@selea It's the standard microsoft thing that they do every 2nd version, they make a decent UI, and then in the next one they turn it utter shit, they correct it in the next one, but then the urge to make another shitty UI just get that urge scratched again.

@selea in a way i think they want the OS to be more important than what you want to get done. OS is the product, not the tool. And so on. What I'm trying to say is i agree: Why do they still have a jobb?

@selea didn't they commit to bringing direct storage to win10. Also doesn't it have a bunch of scheduling improvements for alder lake. Not that these warrant a "new OS" though

@selea I fuckn hate WIndows 11. I'll just leave it at that.

Read on hackernews a comment that UX designers don't last longer than a few months.

@selea I wonder if they put "Designer of the Windows 11 UI" on their CV... I wouldn't.

@selea I keep telling myself OS:es are more or less the same. But then I have to use windows for development or gaming and realize... they're not. Just like Slack and Teams aren't the same. And maybe... Mastodon and Facebook πŸ˜„

@selea I've no idea why windows 11 even exists. When windows 10 was launched they were talking about windows as a service/rolling release. It should be the last windows version. But BAM! Here comes Windows 11 with a lot of useless interface changes like this shithole Windows 8 or Vista. At least (it feels like) the kernel didn't change that much, so it's JUST the UI-changes. Though breaking changes with the UI isn't a win only thing (Gnome...). It's a bit "how we destroy is how we create" ;)

@selea I guess I'm curious what specifically people don't like about Win 11? It's fine for me, I am mostly indifferent to the experience and it looks a little nicer. Winget and Terminal being default on W11 is really nice, the rest of the features though don't matter vs W10 unless you play games (Direct Write, Auto HDR, etc).

@selea well, it is more of an advertising platform than an operating system. Windows 10 was already pretty close to unbearable with its embedded advertising but I can only see 11 as being worse

@selea I think a lot of their products are "designed" via managers fighting for promotion (or something). I know a number of amazing developers who work at Microsoft, and yet so many of their products seem poorly designed or have features which clash with each other. It's a symptom of an organization run by staffing consultancies. I'm putting this on managers, vps, and consultants, not the talented developers who work there.

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