Does anyone know a self-hosted gameserver manager like Pterodactyl?

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Nice, are you satisfied with it?

The panel is for my son to use actually, and he likes minecraft and those popular games :P

@selea it works okay, but it has some rough edges. I originally developed that for Minecraft, but quickly expanded it. If your son could send in some bug reports it would be very nice.

@selea No web interface, but I use on a Debian VM at home. No issues so far.


Hmm it is a CLI tool only. I'll have to think about if that would be suitable for a 9 year old to handle.

TLDR; my son wants to host game servers for him and his friends

@selea @paul Atari DOS on an Atari 800. Purchased 1983, still have it and still works to this day.

If he's into Linux, GSM could be a good intro to the command line. If he's not it will just frustrate him and I understand not wanting to turn his hobby into a chore.


Installation and updating process, I just dont have time to manually updating. And it seems a little tedious to actually maintaining the servers.

Not suitable for someone who does not really know that much about webhosting.

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