The Fediverse is really different some the established social medias like twitter.

Twitter is basically all about people trying to promote themselves, promote their brand or similar.

Fediverse is not about that - it is really about community, and the amount of people supporting each other emotionally, finance or just being a great person towards each other.

There is no such place that can compare to this, take care of it and each other

@selea it's kind of what Twitter was in the early days!

@selea Social media for normal people as I've come to realize.

@selea Communication is always promoting the own opinion. So social media is not more than everyone's private stage.

@selea There is no financial incentive on the fediverse. There are basically no ads and most instances are financed by a combination of out of pocket and user donations. There are basically no sponsors so no one is out here shilling for products no one asked for. There are no influencers because of the first two. It's a throwback to what made old school computer networking (before the internet even) take off: people, not products, not money.

@selea As the fediverse grows however, it's not at all unthinkable that the things that made commercial social networks suck could find their way here. Nothing is stopping the largest instances from integrating either a sponsored message or even full-on Google Adsense into the page. Nothing is stopping random companies from approaching major users and offering to "partner" with them. Nothing is stopping the obnoxious YouTube and Instagram personalities from moving here.

@selea Which is why we need to take care NOT to let that happen, and thankfully, that's a lot easier on the Fediverse than conventional social media. Block instances that have Google Ads on them, and they won't be able to show you those on the open source apps and alternative webclients anyway. Have a strong anti-spamming ruleset that defines "sponsored content" as spam, and then enforce that. And since there isn't really an "algorithm" to be manipulated, ignoring "influencers" is much easier.


Hmm, not 100% sure what darkpatterns means in this case, but it look interesting in this case


@selea @dsfgs @AgreeableLandscape

If I'm not completely wrong I think he means the official mastodon app not having the local feed, and it being turned off at some of the instances to deal with the big influx of users.

@AgreeableLandscape @selea

Yeah been thinking that this event reminds me of a September for Usenet where it would be a bit rowdy initally before users settle down and understand some sort of etiquette.

@AgreeableLandscape @selea The caveat seems to be that spaces like this stay the way they are as long as we keep them that way. Eventually, big business will start to look into the #Fediverse and see how to change it and make it work to their advantage. "Innovation". But with decentralization and the collaborative nature of #FOSS, it should still be possible for strong networks of intentional communities to coalesce and grow regardless. Upholding ethical principles is a source of strength!

@dragfyre @AgreeableLandscape @selea They should just spin up their own instances and do whatever shenanigangs they want but leave us in peace over here. I'd like to live in that world...

@selea 100% agree. Twitter reminds me of the opening scene of the movie Contact, where the radio chatter of humanity is playing. It’s just unintelligible noise.

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