That's what I can say to all the new people joining!

Remember - if you feel that this instance is not really for you, you can always export your data (that means followers, follows etc) and move to an instance that you like.

There is no lock-in, no walled garden, no algorithm designed to hook you.

@selea You can't import your posts though. Which, IMO, is the /only thing that matters./ The only thing that can't be done manually.

@selea It kind of seems like I can't import to here now, though. Lots of sad elefants and "something wrong on our end". Maybe load issues?


Most likely load issues,,, :/
Try again later, and if it is not working tomorrow - let me know

@selea I gave it another shot today. I got a bit further in that I got to choose the bookmarks file and press upload, but then the elephant showed up again. I guess it could still be load since I at least got a bit further today?


Load is fine actually, would you mind trying again?
And send the timestamp when you tried it?

@selea I found the problem. The archive I downloaded was not csv files for some reason but json.

@selea I guess I was just tired and didn't realize that the files I received were not the correct format for import on the new server.


No, mastodon should tell you that imo :)
Glad that you solved it thou :)

@selea thanks for the instance! It was fun choosing an instance, if not a tad bit of existential moment. 😅 I like Linux and pizza, so here I am. 🐧🍕

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