@selea Northern lights are so hecking cool; I love them so much!


I'm in Alberta. Not too far north; we usually just get little wisps of turquoise up there (still /super/ cool, though!)

What's cool is that our native word for them is "cipayak namehitowak", or "Ghosts dancing", which I think is pretty cute :3


It is! The video was taken by My brother who lives in Jönköping
I myself could not se it from Borås :(

@selea That's so cool. It's pretty low in the sky there. I guess it didn't quite make it down E4 to Malmö.

@selea no way! I was raised just an hour south of there and never thought for a second that I'd be able to see the northern lights over Jönköping.


Kinda sick right!
The video was taken by my brother that lives there currently.

I also basically grew up in Jönköping, too :) but now I live one hour West of Jönköping

@selea @stemid
You wouldn't believe it but I'm from Kiel and even we get northern lights about once a decade there. Well, usually when that happens the sky is too clouded to be able to see them, but still.

@selea Wow! That’s really far south for northern lights! But then again they were exceptionally bright yesterday.

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