what should I eat


Thanks fedi, water is not helping :(

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@selea I assumed you were trying to watch calories or something.
If not, eat!
I prefer high protein foods, so I try to keep stock of 0% Greek yogurt and 2% cottage cheese. (Cottage cheese with less than 2% fat tastes gross IMO.)
Less good snacky snacks are 0 sugar beef jerky or pork rhinds.
Besides those I try to manage with tea and decaf coffee.
Ooh, I always squeeze in at least one banana or Apple throughout the day as well.


Well, I try to not overeat and keep the intake low.

I also eat mostly vego shit, and since I am allergic to many kinds of fruit.... :(

@selea Dang. 馃槥 Our diets are incompatible! I have no anecdotal advice for you! 馃槢

@selea Yes, the great equalizer. 馃檪 I mostly drink non-alcoholic now, but I still enjoy a legit beer occasionally.

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