@selea Now try that, but with spouse and children included in the top pipe.

@selea That's why you sleep less! More time and totally won't affect your performance! /s

@selea I can get from one side of San Antone to the other in under an hour. Are you commuting to a different city?

@selea I mean are you going from one city to another or is traffic/trains/other just that bad?

@moth_ball @selea They do in Los Angeles
I refuse to commute any longer than 30 minutes
@selea dude you gotta work on that commute, it doesn't have to be that way. Just leave toronto
@selea > tfw you think people who live in toronto are canadian

intentional misreading 

But if he worked on his commute that'd even be 12 h work/day! Leave a guy alone!

@jeffcliff @selea

@selea My life summed up nicely in one picture! Literally me!

@selea who needs 8 hours of sleep :) 6-7 should suffice for a grown-up...

I would like to put a giant full-length pillar on the right with 996.icu/#/en_US

@selea this would be better if gender neutral, I'd give changing it a shot if I weren't lazy

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