Is there any self-hosted alternative that is good out there?

I have the following requirements:

- PHP-based with a mariaDB backend
- Only registered users can create links
- Well maintained
- Free Software

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@selea There is also but I don't know much about it.

@selea Some time ago i was looking for the exact same thing. I tried YOURLS but didn't get familiar with it.
I've ended up in using devShort, which is more of a "link renamer" than a link shortener. You can assign a meaningful (whatever that means to you) name for arbitrary URIs. My instance is running on for an example.

The original project on GitHub disappeared, so i started maintaining a fork:

@selea I remember trying out YOURLS once, it was good and there are many plugins to extend its functionality.


I ended up writing my own, very simple, URL shortener. I wanted something that I could update the destination address. It's functional, but far from complete.

@selea This isn't PHP-based but if you want to make your own, this amazing video by Coding Garden might help you

I'm quite happy with YOURLS. But I'm using it as a single user instance only.


Nice, I saw that Kutt.It is listed there too. Probably one of the nicest one out there but not suitable fr a simple LAMP server :)


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