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I fucking hate Apple so much

@selea welcome to how the automotive world has been for over a decade 鈽癸笍

It is bullshit consumerism yup force sales of new parts even when second hand parts are available, and obviously environmentally is a fuck up.

You need to have the dealer scan tool in order to code the new parts to the car. If you can at all. Yay for profits!

@swansinflight What do you see as "over a decade"?
I've been working on plenty of cars from the range 1997-2016 (and a few cars from 2019 and 2020) without those issues at all.

(sidenote: I mainly work on Citroen, Hyundai and Mazda)

@finlaydag33k a decade is ten years, so cars older than that. In the 2000s. Like BMW etc that do annoying crap like that. I think Ford Falcon BCM were like that also, from memory鈥 Been a while since I worked on cars. And yeah was only a few I came across like that. But yeah it鈥檚 not a new thing.

@swansinflight I have yet to see any car that isn't a Tesla or some other luxury car that does this tho.

But yea, I mainly work on Citroen, Hyundai and Mazda cars which don't have this (yet)...
And let's hope it can stay this way for a while longer...

@finlaydag33k yeeeah so I knew about it being a thing, but I think the reality is I saw 2 or maybe 3 where it was an issue. And it wasn鈥檛 an issue really as the scan tool to program it was available. Or pay the dealer fee lol.

@selea I'm watching hopefully as my #pinephone becomes more and more usable every day thanks to the amazing work of an army of volunteers.

I'd like to get to the point where it or something like it is just my phone.


Yeah same here,
Hopefully, Linux-phones Will be acceptable in the future and usable. My next phone will be a fairphone anyway

@selea I could totally see Nintendo doing something like this.

@selea And the worst part, people will just keep buying Apple because they are too lazy to invest 1 second of thought...

@selea This is even worse when you remember that people now consider those without phones as weirdos

For some reason, we pressure people to have phones by companies that couldn't care less about us.

We really, really need to make Linux phones a normal thing, that way they will become the norm.


My next phone will be a fairphone, I am kinda dissappointed in myself that I did not chose one last time..


They just released info about the Fairphone 4, looks really nice

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