I kinda like being up at 04:45 - taking the bus at 5:14 - be at the office one hour later by myself.

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@selea I used to reason that I'm equally tired if I get up at 5 or 7, so why not 5. Also, the hour alone is golden.


yeah same here, I am tired anyway + I can leave earlier without feeling guilty :P

@selea same here. when permissible (we still try to avoid the office / COVID) i am very productive in this peace and quiet environment - love to be there 2-3h ahead of anyone else.( And they got damn good coffee. I miss it already.)


Yeah me too, I work from home quite much but I still like to go to the office once a week just for a change.

@selea I used to do that back in the old days when I still commuted to work. I was at the office by 6-6:30 and could leave at 15:30 and avoid the evening rush hour traffic. Until my boss of course ordered me to stay until 17:00. I pointed out that it would take me 1,5 hours to get home, compared to 40-45 minutes so he suggested I worked unpaid overtime everyday. I quit shortly after that.

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