Is it only me that thinks that almost everything that elon musk claims is just crap?

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@selea I think he has made good points about regulating AI. Other than that, I agree.

@robby @selea A powerful and rich person with a legion of followers which glorify anything he does and says as world-changing galaxy-brain moves... Yup, that can't go well too long.

@selea It's not only you. But he builds rockets that goes to space so what the hell.

@selea I don't understand why he supports Bitcoin; seems strange.

@dublinux @selea he has to offset the possible environmental benefits of Tesla somehow.

@selea It's a mixed bag for me, that I view on a case-by-case basis.

Some ideas he has are nice but some of them are pretty garbage.

Some examples of (imo) good things he made:
- Ebay.
- PayPal (though PayPal itself is declining now).
- OpenAI.
- Neuralink.
- Starlink (more or less).

Some examples of shitty things he made:
- Hyperloop.
- The Boring Company.
- Tesla.
- the Mars Oasis project.

I won't write him off as-is but I do think he is kinda overrated.


He did not make Ebay or Paypal actually, nor Did he create neuralink either ;)

@selea He co-founded them, which imo counts basically as the same...


Confinity was the company that created PayPal, and the company was not Names paypal until 2001 and that was after they booted him

@selea Hm... I am wrong... but so are you (kind of).

Confinity created PayPal, Elon bought Confinity into his company and then later fully rebranded as PayPal.

@selea The part where you forgot (which would alter become the company PayPal) :p


I Did not say anything about that.
I just stated that the company was called Paypal after Elon was booted.

@selea Not really, Elon was still there when they changed the name.

@selea Replaced =/= booted.
He was still I think chairman at that time?

@selea Yeah, I do think that sometimes he is very unreasonable, and misguides people.

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