can people stop worship elon musk please

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@selea but he's the messiah! The one that brings salvation to all our money, once he has it.

He'll bring us fast internet that blends astronomers, cars that are not safe to use and a trip to Mars that no one can afford and even if they can, it's rather boring there! Don't you see how it's all part of the great plan, to sell dreams and take real money for it?

Stop being a heretic and join the ranks of people who want to dumb their money and time in a billionaire!

@selea And stop having that character as a hero in TV-shows and movies. Yawn.

Or do your prayers on Twitter. I don't think he is in Fediverse yet.

@selea He didn't even found Tesla. He bought the title of "Founder" as part of his purchase of the company; and the two guys who actually founded it aren't allowed to refer to themselves as the founders.

@selea The guy is _purely_ financial, and is playing the world into thinking he's some sort of benevolent genius.

@fcktheworld587 @selea I'm not playing devil's advocate, I agree that the person's investments are antisocial (to be fair, he's clearly suffering from multiple MHIs, so he should get medical treatment before getting too much blame), *but*.

He's sticking with risky investments and makes other players follow suite. Which is good for humanity at large.

But yeah, on the personal level and on the level of investing into rather shitty groups, it'd be better if he would have failed.

Besides, with accumulated capital, he can lobby antisocial policies which can easily negate the positive impact of work managed by him.

@jonn @selea Sure he has the ability to lobby antisocial policies; but will he? Has he(I honestly don't know)? I don't know what ever came of that; and I've also heard that he made efforts to stop his workers from unionizing - all of which sounds pretty antisocial to me.

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